All The Results From The Student Radio Awards 2022
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All The Results From The Student Radio Awards 2022

Jasmyne Jeffery November 17, 2022

It’s a big night for those who want a career in broadcasting and radio. Held at the O2 last night, we have all the results from the student radio awards 2022.

Held every year since 1995, the Student Radio Awards celebrate those at the helm of student broadcasting. It’s very possible that some of these stations will be producing the next big stars of the BBC. One thing that will definitely be in the favour is if they picked up one of these esteemed awards last night. Let’s take a look at what the Student Radio Awards are and who were the 2022 winners.

What Are The Student Radio Awards?

The awards recognise and celebrate the achievements and talent in the student radio and audio community. Hundreds of nominations are judged by nearly 200 industry-appointed judges and placed into 17 categories.

The nominations are then whittled down to a bronze, silver and gold (the winner) across each category. The event is then attended by 200 students and 200 industry guests.

Big names to come from the Student Radio Awards are Simon Mayo, Annie Mac and current BBC Radio 1 Breakfast host Greg James. The Student Radio Awards are also big on making sure that all have the opportunity to attend one of the biggest broadcasting and radio events in the UK:

“To allow students and young professionals an equal opportunity to attend, admission prices are kept lower than cost, and the SRA finances the event through generous sponsorship and promotion.

“The ceremony, along with the publicity and associated events, such as regional nomination parties around the country a month before, offers a great platform for brands to reach a wide demographic stretching from first-year university students to on-air talent.”

Who Were The Winners At The Student Radio Awards 2022?

All categories have a third and second-place announcement as well as whoever won the award. We have all the winners and runners-up across the categories from the Student Radio Awards 2022.

Best Newcomer

WINNER: Grace Daily – Spark

Silver: Bobbi Bunker – Spark

Bronze: Winner: Kinga Stusik – Insanity Radio

Best Multiplatform Initiative

WINNER: Girls Night In Leeds – Leeds Student Radio

Silver: The Nila Extract – URN

Bronze: URN Away Days – URN

Best Technical Achievement

WINNER: Purple Radio

Silver: Plane Ticket Radio Play – Queen’s Radio

Bronze: URY FM

Best Station Branding

WINNER: Leeds Student Radio

Silver: URN

Bronze: Purple Radio

Best Station Sound

WINNER: Fly Live

Silver: Queen’s Radio

Bronze: Shock Radio

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The Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Award

WINNER: Purple Radio

Silver: The Music Show – Xpression FM

Bronze: It’s Okay To Be Ace – Spark

Best Interview

WINNER: Ella Wydrzynska Interviews David Hunter – URN

Silver: Anne Widdecombe – Leeds Student Radio

Bronze: Ella Wydrzynska Interviews Danielle Steers – URN

Best Event Programming

WINNER: Nottingham Varsity 2022 – URN

Silver: Sunderland City Runs – Spark

Bronze: Sport X Welsh Varsity 2022 – Xpress Radio

Best Chart Show Programming

WINNER: University Radio York

Silver: Radio LaB’s SRA Chart Show

Bronze: The LSR Christmas Special Chart

Best Podcasting Programming

WINNER: Women Behind The Wheel, Kattiea Devereux-Ward – Scratch Radio

Silver: Freshers – Xpress Radio

Bronze: No Girls, No Fun – University Radio Bath

Joe Lyons Best Producer Award

WINNER: Ella Wydrzynska – URN

Silver: Olivia Copeland – Cap FM

Bronze: Alex Charles – Shock Radio

Best Journalistic Programming

WINNER: The Scoop on Sunday – Queen’s Radio

Silver: Ukraine Special – Through Cardiff’s Eyes – Xpress Radio

Bronze: Purple Investigates: Sexual Assault and Spiking at Durham University – Purple Radio

Best Specialist Music Programming

WINNER: Leeds Student Radio

Silver: Showtime – URN

Bronze: New to Spark with Tyler Selby – Spark

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Best Sport Programming

WINNER: Grecian Glory, Exeter City’s Promotion – Xpression FM

Silver: Women in Sport Show – URN

Bronze: Roses 2022 – URY

Best Speech Programming

WINNER: Plane Ticket – Radio Play – Queen’s Radio

Silver: GRL – Spark

Bronze: The Right Kind of Hatred – Purple Radio

Best Entertainment Programming

WINNER: Fly Live @ 25: 25 Hours for 25 Years with Harry Briggs – Fly Live

Silver: Take A Seat – Hebe Lawson – Queen’s Radio

Bronze: The Pre Ocean Show – URN

The Kevin Greening Award For Creativity

WINNER: Plane Ticket – Radio Play – Queen’s Radio

Silver: Will Hobbs – Heads & Tales with Nasser Hussain – Purple Radio

Bronze: Take A Seat – Hebe Lawson – Queen’s Radio

Best Presenter

WINNER: Chrissy Cameron – Spark

Silver: Maddi Fearn – Leeds Student Radio

Bronze: Lewis Smith – Spark

Best Student Radio Station


Silver: Leeds Student Radio

Bronze: Purple Radio

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