Alternative Mother's Day Gifts That Aren't Flowers Or Chocolates
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Alternative Mother's Day Gifts That Aren't Flowers Or Chocolates

Jasmyne Jeffery March 12, 2023

March is the month to appreciate the women in our lives and there are none more important than our mums! Don’t worry, it’s the in the UK this month for all those about the panic buy in the US. If you’re a little sick of buying the same old gifts, then we have some alternative Mother’s Day gifts that aren’t chocolates or flowers.

Though we know that our mothers would truly be happy with anything we give them, rehashing chocolates and flowers again feels a little lacklustre. That’s why, this year, you’re going to gift something a little different, and you’re going to do it with our help.

We’re going to be your one-stop-ideas-shop for the perfect quirkier gift for your mum.

Alternative Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Chocolates Or Flowers

Easing you into the alternative gifts, we have a few suggestions that aren’t obvious but aren’t overly out there either.

  • Photo Album

The options with this are pretty endless, which makes it even better. You could go fancy and get them an electronic one, filled with photos of them with their favourite child. You could get a photo flipbook (which is often free..) bursting with memories of them with their favourite child. Or, you can get a good ol’ leather-bound one and even personalise it too! The important thing is to fill it with pictures of you…we mean their favourite child

  • An Experience

Again, this could be anything, but shows you really listen to their interests. It could be a theatre trip, going for afternoon tea or some wine tasting. If they’re into more extreme things, you could pitch together with your siblings and do something a bit bigger. Maybe go-karting, skydiving or a class of some sort. Plus, it’ll give you some great opportunities for the photo album…

  • Food

No, not chocolates, but a tasty treat never goes amiss. You could get some fancy pastries, artisan macarons or some extra-special doughnuts. If sweet isn’t her thing, think about sauces, cheeses, or even meal kits like Hello Fresh or maybe a more specific one. Just because chocolates are off the table, doesn’t mean that food is altogether.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
  • Adopt An Animal

You could do this through your local zoo or through a larger charity like WWF. Typically, you’ll get a little plaque or a package to show your appreciation too. This is a cute gift if your mum is an animal lover and you’ll know she’ll appreciate it.

  • Trinket Dish

Now, this isn’t jewellery, but it’s along the same lines. Treat your mum to an intricate trinket dish to hold her earings or bracelets, or even a new jewellery box for her larger items. It’s different than usual, but it’s in the same vein so you can’t really go wrong with it.

  • A Pamper Hamper

Smellies are an obvious gift when you get a set from one place that hasn’t taken a lot of thought. However, if you use that idea and make it a little more personal, you’ve got yourself a considerate gift. Make your own Mother’s Day hamper with a selection of your mum’s favourite bits and bots. It could be skin care, bath bits, or make-up; you can even through in a book and some wine to really make it special. Whilst this doesn’t deviate from the norm, it;s guaranteed to be more appreciated than a bog-standard gift set from Body Shop.

Now you’ve got plenty of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, you just need to put them into action and reinstate your status as the most thoughtful (and favourite) child.

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