BBC Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Tweet Get Hilarious Responses

BBC Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Tweet Get Hilarious Responses

Jasmyne Jeffery March 14, 2023

When BBC News tweeted the results of a pandemic study, they probably weren’t expecting the overwhelming responses they would get. Claims that the pandemic mental health crisis was minimal were met with thousands of quote tweets. People spoke of their lockdown activities and how it was evidence that their mental health wasn’t in tip-top shape. What we were left with was a thread of hilarious tweets that were unbelievably relatable.

The BBC tweets news stories and new studies all of the time, but one, in particular, has gone viral. Twitter turned up and more to offer some hilarious quote tweets showing the realities of the pandemic.

The tweet now comes with additional context information saying that the study does not represent anyone. However, it wasn’t enough. Already reminded of what they got up to during the pandemic, thousands felt the need to share with the world to prove that perhaps the mental health crisis wasn’t minimal.

Hilarious Quote Tweets Respond To Pandemic Mental Health Crisis Study

The tweets weren’t taken seriously at all, but it does remind us all that our brains went to certain places during the pandemic. Enjoy the revelations people left attached to the pandemic mental health tweet from the BBC.

We all got a little too obsessed with Animal Crossing. Maybe it was because they were allowed out and had a society…

That is some dedication, particularly if nobody ever read it.

We all had to find exercise in any way we could. The bag over her head was certainly a choice though.

The pandemic mental health quote tweets are here to tell us that our lockdown purchases were valid.

Being deprived of McDonald’s for months on end meant that reintroduction was something else.

We don’t recommend this as a healthy way to express your emotions or how to recycle. In fact, we don’t recommend throwing glass in your house whatsoever.

Hilarious Reactions To The Mental Health Crisis Being Minimal Study

Online learning was a major part of the pandemic and all the teachers who suffered through it deserve a crown.

And of course, there were those of us who took the time to make our acting debuts…even if it was remakes…

This quote proved that the maddest stuff didn’t even happen to us. The John Lennon medley wasn’t even that far into the pandemic and it set the precedent for how things were going to go.

The sentiment was clearly there, but the pandemic mental health quote tweets are reminding us that it was a little mad.

Our pets really took the brunt of our mental health crisis during the pandemic.

Like, really took the brunt of it. How our poor pets put up with us is a puzzle.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of quote replies to the BBC’s pandemic mental health tweet. If you want a giggle, we recommend taking some time to have a serious scroll and remind yourself of life during the lockdown. Remember, looking back and laughing is sure better than looking back and crying!

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