Hilarious Twitter Reactions And Memes Showing Gary Lineker Support
An Evening with Gary Lineker, In Conversation With Tim Marlow OBE, At The Design Museum In Partnership With The Wick
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Hilarious Twitter Reactions And Memes Showing Gary Lineker Support

Jasmyne Jeffery March 11, 2023

Match of the Day certainly won’t be the same tonight (March 11) as presenters and pundits continue to pull out to show Gary Lineker support. Though the whole scenario has been baffling, to say the least, there has been some good to come out of it. That is, the hilarious Gary Lineker and Match of the Day memes Twitter has reacted with.

Just like the Wagatha Christie trial, we’re kind of hoping there’s some sort of show or play that comes out of the BBC and Gary Lineker drama. As of writing, Football Focus and Final Score have been pulled from the schedule as presenters Alex Scott and Jason Mohammed stand in solidarity with the ex-footballer.

Jokes aside (temporarily) it is a serious situation. It brings into question cancel culture, freedom of speech and how the government, from which all this has stemmed, seem to have been pushed to the sidelines and scapegoated through Gary Lineker. It’s a strange set of circumstances, to say the least.

What did Gary say about immigration?

Commenting on recent government legislation regarding ‘illegal’ migration, the presenter took to Twitter to air his frustration about the new rules.

Gary tweeted: “This is just an immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the ’30s, and I’m out of order?”

Pretty quickly, the BBC has Gary in for talks about impartiality, which has confused many about how contracts work. The end result is that the ex-footballer will be stepping away from Match of the Day until an agreement on social media use can be met.

Since the decision, both Ian Wright and Alan Shearer announced on Twitter they would not appear on today’s show with even more showing their support. The whole situation has meant a Twitter fiasco of hilarious reactions and overwhelming support for Gary.

Hilarious Twitter Reactions And Memes Showing Gary Lineker Support

Under numerous hashtags including #GaryGate and #SupportGary, it’s clear that the discussion surrounding the matter isn’t going away any time soon. Luckily Twitter has proved itself and more since the whole debacle, with even lots of celebrity faces getting behind Gary in the funniest of ways. We’ve collated the best memes and more for your viewing pleasure.

We’d hate to be in charge of scheduling at the BBC today, but we also would really like a W1 series about all of this too.

After it was announced that Mrs Browns’ Boys was coming back, we didn’t think it would be in this capacity.

Now, this is a flash from the past. Though we’re a tad worried about the number of youngsters who will have no clue what this is. Let’s all just show Gary some support and hopefully, we won’t have to explain it.

Before dropping out of Football Focus, Alex Scott took to a good ol’ meme to confirm she wouldn’t replace Gary.

Okay, but we really can’t be doing with the adverts…no offence ITV.

If only this were true.

We love a solidarity queen.

Joe Lycett was as tongue-n-cheek as ever as he showed Gary Lineker the love.

If you remember this icon from 2006 BBC then you’ll know how hilarious this is. If you don’t, we really recommend finding it on YouTube.

We’d actually really appreciate Chris Kamara’s opinion on the whole thing.

It’s the drama, Mick!

Even Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is on the streets looking for someone. We don’t think he’s been told about the plans…about Match of the Day that is.

We really could be here all day giving you the best reactions, but we’re afraid we might miss Match of the Day. There’s plenty more on Twitter if you need a bigger fix.

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