Best Christmas Gifts You Can Buy From The TikTok Shop
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Best Christmas Gifts You Can Buy From The TikTok Shop

Maddy Burgess December 10, 2022

TikTok isn’t just good for entertainment and sending relatable videos to your friends. It’s the newest place to shop and, in terms of Christmas presents, you won’t be disappointed. Not only are there significant discounts on your favourite branded items (especially beauty products), there are a lot of independent sellers with unique gifts to offer. The TikTok Shop’s official account is also sharing a different small business each day on the countdown to Christmas. So here are the best Christmas gifts from the TikTok shop.

Giant bags of sweets

TikTok shop is great for bulk buying, especially sweets. If you have a friend or family member with a sweet tooth this would be perfect. You can get two 1kg Pick’n’Mix sweets bags for £10 from So Sweet. It’s bound to be a gift that lasts a long time.

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Heatless curlers

If you’re active on TikTok, you’ll definitely have had the viral heatless curler appear on your for you page. Particularly the one from Eternal Muse who blew up on the social media app in the last year. For an affordable price you get a heatless curls set that’s comfortable to sleep in overnight, making it different to others on the market. The shop also regularly discount their prices so keep an eye out.

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Whether it’s a friendship bracelet for your friend, a sentimental necklace for a family member or a dazzling ring for your partner, the TikTok shop is not short of unique jewellery. The UK based brand, the Shannon Collection, is one of the most popular sellers. They have a wide range of classy pieces that are perfect for gifting.

Right now, they also have a buy one get one free on all sterling silver jewellery, so be quick!

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Children’s toys

One of the most popular toy sellers on TikTok is Head to Bows Boutique. If you have a child they’ll most definitely be following this account and have it feature on their Christmas list. They sell toys for a wide range of ages and even have board games most adults would enjoy. They sell bundles of toys based on your little one’s interest, for example a dinosaur bundle or a Paw Patrol bundle.

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Gifts for your dog

If you’re a dog mum rather than an actual mum, look no further than Herbal Dog Co on TikTok shop. They sell all natural and vegan dog grooming and food products, ranging from dry shampoo to bowls. If you’re going to treat someone, why not treat your dog?

The best Christmas gifts from the TikTok Shop offer something for everyone, so happy shopping!

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