Best Christmas Jumpers And T-shirts 2022
Woman holding stack of folded Christmas sweaters
Woman holding stack of folded Christmas sweaters

Best Christmas Jumpers And T-shirts 2022

Jasmyne Jeffery November 13, 2022

There’s nothing cheesier than watching a Hallmark Christmas film under a blanket while wearing a jumper that’s obnoxiously garish. Whether you’re one for subtlety or over-the-top, we have the best Christmas jumpers and Christmas t-shirts of 2022.

One of my annual traditions is buying myself a new Christmas jumper once the weather turns a bit colder. This year I’ve gone a tad wild and bought a jumper and two Christmas jumpers before the middle of November. Christmas obsessed? Likely.

There’s nothing quite like proudly wearing a Christmas jumper and seeing others do the same. They’re cosy, fun and put everyone in a good mood. This year certainly hasn’t disappointed (as you can tell by my buying habits) and there are so many fantastic options to pick from.

Christmas Jumpers 2022

Driving Home For Christmas

We’ll start off with the one I purchased which I simply couldn’t resist. It’s one from New Look, who have particularly knocked it out of the park this year.

They had everything from dinosaurs, dachshunds, and flamingos plastered over jumpers, but it was something a little sweeter than captured my festive heart this time around.

Priced at £25.99, this jumper features a sequined red car carrying a furry Christmas tree on top. Written underneath is Chris Rea’s favourite line ‘Driving home for Christmas.’

It has sparkle, fur and a little Christmas nostalgia. What else can you ask for? It’s the perfect in-between for all those who want more than glitter but still not in-your-face.

You’re coming Ho Ho Home with me!

It’s a very good possibility that if I had seen this one when purchasing my Christmas attire then it also would have joined my 2022 Christmas collection. Alas, I have forbidden myself to only buy Christmas things for other people now.

So, do me a favour and nab this one and wear it with pride.

This one comes from River Island and costs a slightly pricier £35. A little more garish than New Look’s but still a contender for the best of 2022. With large stripes of forest green and pink(!) and a golden ‘Ho Ho Ho’ down the middle, this jumper is perfect for Christmas outings with friends.

This one is available from extra small to large, so get it while it’s still available!

Santa’s face all over the place

It wouldn’t be a Christmas jumper list without Santa, would it? To finish off my festive jumper favourites is this one from Etsy. It’s a lot but it does it so well. Why get a jumper with Santa’s face on when you can get one with dozens of Santa’s faces on?

This woolly number looks incredibly cosy and would be the dream jumper for cold Christmas eve walks before the big day. With long sleeves and a high neck, it doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Priced at £38.38, this comes in an option of pink, grey or black. Personally pink is my favourite, but whatever floats your gravy boat.

Christmas Tshirts 2022

Now, I’ve only noticed this trend in the last couple of years, but the Christmas t-shirts of 2022 have really stepped up their game. At the start of autumn, I was a novice to the trend. But now I own multiple and I will be wearing them for the foreseeable.

Holiday T-shirts Are Coming

As I said, New Look has aced it this year with their Christmas clothes. As soon as I saw this t-shirt I knew I couldn’t not have it.

An acid wash, Coca-cola ‘Holidays are Coming’ tee, oversized to fit that Christmas belly. It’s the advert that everybody loves and looks out for at the start of every festive season. If you’re not changing ‘Holidays are coming!’ from the middle of October, then you’re doing Christmas wrong.

This tee is a love letter to that famous advert with the truck and Santa front and centre.

Wham, Bam, Thank You, H&M

Although this probably means you’ll fail Whamageddon, I think it is most definitely worth it. Available in both a t-shirt and a sweater, this print is an absolute must.

It’s simple and a passerby might not realise that it’s Christmassy at first glance. But is there anything that screams Christmas more than stopping in your tracks as soon as you hear those first notes of Wham?

It brings me great sadness to say that this is currently out of stock, but it is only a testament to how Wham-azing it is. George and Andrew dressed as Santa and a Reindeer, laden with presents. Sure, it’s just the cover of the single for Last Christmas, but it *so* much more than that!

Get notified about when it is back and stock and get it immediately. Save yourself some tears and get yourself something special.

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