How To Do Christmas On A Student Budget
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How To Do Christmas On A Student Budget

Danielle Salt October 23, 2022

Finding cheap but also good Christmas presents as a student can be one of the hardest things to do. It can sometimes feel as though you are cutting back to save money for all of your first term just to be able to afford presents for friends and family. Here are six ways you can enjoy Christmas on a student budget and avoid being outshone by others on the big day.

Be In Charge Of Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are commonly known as the cheapest presents of Christmas. Whether filling with chocolate coins or a traditional orange, this is one of the best ways to save money. On top of that, all of the presents are from you. Sometimes quantity can be better than quality!

Prioritize Your Christmas Buys

Ensuring whoever you are buying for is of the utmost importance is key to making sure you aren’t spending unnecessary money. Some friends and family will understand completely if you just explain your financial situation to them. It’s nothing you can’t make up for in the future when you are no longer navigating Christmas on a student budget.

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Learn A New Craft

There are many societies at university that can help you hone a new craft such as knitting, cross stitching, baking and many different forms of art. These can be the best as homemade gifts to those you love, as they are heartfelt, and you have put in time and effort to produce the final product instead of just picking something off a shelf and buying it without much thought.

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Secret Santas

Instead of feeling the guilt or pressure to buy everyone in your friendship group a secret Santa gift, the best option can sometimes be to organize a secret Santa. That means you only have to buy one gift and you can also help set everyone a budget (for example ten pounds). These are also super fun as you can speak to your other friends to see what direction they have gone with regarding their gift.

IOU Cards

If buying a gift for someone this Christmas is something you view as essential, making an IOU card and buying it in the Boxing Day sales can be a great idea for you to save money and give at the same time. You can craft up the card with drawings, stickers and wrap it up to make it look full of the Christmas spirit.

Inform Others Of Your Financial Situation

Letting your friends and family know of your financial situation and informing them not to buy you gifts can be a selfless way of letting others know not to expect anything and that you yourself do not expect anything from them. This is a better idea for your university pals as they will be exactly in the same position as you and will understand completely.

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