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Best Festive Dinner Party Options For Students

Cicely McFarlane November 24, 2022

Hosting a dinner party during the festive season can be one of the most exciting things to do with your friends and family. However, deciding what meal you wish to cook can be a challenge. Here are the best dinner party options for students.

You want to impress your guests but also not do anything too difficult, where the meal potentially becomes inedible.

Finding this balance and deciding on the perfect Christmas menu must be top of your to-do list.

Below I have listed the ultimate Christmas dinner party menu. With two options for each course, one of these dishes will absolutely take your fancy and make your gathering all the more successful!


Starter 1: Harissa and Roasted Carrot Soup

This is extremely easy to make. All you do is blend the ingredients together, add vegetable stock, plate up and serve.

The ingredients required for this dish include garlic, olive oil come out peeled carrots, red onion, coconut milk, red pepper flakes, vegetable stock, pepper, and any herbs you wish for garnish.

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Starter 2: Warmed Bruschetta

This dish is also easy. Simply roast your tomatoes and toast sourdough bread. Rub some garlic on the toasted bread and add your roasted tomatoes on top.

Add feta or sliced mozzarella onto this dish too. Here you have a warm and tasty starter. Drizzle with balsamic glaze for the finishing touch.


Christmas Dinner

This is the ultimate Christmas dinner feast and, if you feel you have the time and means, then cooking for however many people your dinner party is catering for will be a huge success.

This can either be with a roast turkey, or nut roast for a vegan or vegetarian alternative.

Beef Wellington

For those who feel they want to save their Christmas dinner until Christmas Day. A beef Wellington is a great impressive alternative for a student dinner party.

This can be a slight challenge to make. However, if you follow a recipe such as the one on BBC Good Food it will be far easier than anticipated.

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Dessert 1: Victoria Sponge

After such a tasty and filling dinner party, sometimes baking a cake and then allowing people to have as much or as little as they want can be the best option.

This ensures that you haven’t gone to the trouble of creating dishes individually for your guests, that won’t get eaten due to full stomachs.

This type of desert is light and refreshing due to the strawberry jam in the middle.

Dessert 2: Chocolate mousse

Creating little pots of light and fluffy chocolate mousse, to be accompanied with a Baileys, can be a great way to end your evening.

Although this is definitely the sweet tooth option, nothing can beat a pot of tasty chocolate at the end of the night.

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