Deciding how to approach revision can be a challenging aspect of university as, what previously worked for you in school, may not be as effective or efficient as it used to be.

I found this while at university, as my previous method of writing out all my notes was not possible due to the high volume of information that was given out during lectures and seminars.

This led me to discover websites that can help build flashcards and provide new ways of revision.

Below are some of my favourite sites. They ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the information and methodologically, setting out the information for how you wish it to be presented.


This site helps you create flashcards without having to write out all of the information by hand.

You simply type the question and then, on the other side of the screen, type the answer. This then creates a card for you to use.

Once you have created all of your flashcards they shuffle them on their own. The ones that you keep getting wrong are prioritised, and the ones you continuously get right they put in a different section. This is so you can see what you know and what you need to work on.

This is an efficient site to use if you are a fan of flashcards. It helps you to focus on the areas that you don’t know or what you are struggling with, which can be hard to identify if you were to do the flashcards on paper yourself.

person holding white printer paper
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Anki

Another flashcard site that comes highly recommended is Anki. This is especially good for being able to share the flashcards that you have already made with other people.

This feature allows you to cut your time of making flashcards in half with a friend who is also on your course. Then going through them together will enable you to make sure you know all of the content needed for upcoming exams.


This is an active learning site that strives to better the learning experiences of everybody. It allows you to plan your study timetable and also monitor your progress in the topics you have to work on.

I have linked the websites below so that you can go and have a look at what one you want to use. I would highly recommend all three during your revision time as they do help with your studies.

Remember to try to stay calm, and good luck for any upcoming exams!