Best Student Gifts For Secret Santa
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Best Student Gifts For Secret Santa

Zoe Kramer November 20, 2022

Secret Santa is a perfect way for students to do a Christmas gift exchange, whether it’s with a group of friends, flatmates or coworkers. There’s normally a price limit, and you only buy one gift, which means it’s budget-friendly. Plus, the challenge of keeping your identity secret from the person you’re buying for makes it a super fun game to play. However, once you’ve drawn the name of the person you’re buying for, you might be stuck. Maybe you don’t know them super well, or they’re a tricky person to buy for. Not to worry! Here are some fail-safe small gifts that will make you the best Secret Santa ever.

Wax Melter Set

You can make a gift bag with a wax melter, a starter set of melts and some tea lights. Wax melts are a great way to spruce up a room in university accommodation or a student house. They provide nice soft lighting from the candle plus a nice perfume from the wax.

Water Bottle

Everybody needs to stay hydrated. It’s not the most luxurious item, but a good water bottle is something that you rely on every day in uni. You can customize it for the person you’re gifting it to by finding out their favourite colour, or maybe even putting some stickers on it for them.

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Cocoa Set

What better gift for the winter season than the gift of hot cocoa? You can put together a goodie bag with a mug, a few bags of high quality cocoa, and a pack of mini marshmallows. Everyone loves an excuse to treat themselves, and you can choose a mug related to one of their interests.


You can’t go wrong with a nice cozy blanket. It’s something that anyone will appreciate, and it never hurts to have a spare. You can choose a fuzzy one for maximum comfort, or select a colour or pattern that the person you’re gifting it to likes. It’s a practical gift that’s sure to get a lot of use in the winter months.

A Charity Shop Oddity

Charity shop items can have a unique charm to them. Whether it’s a figurine, a book, jewelry, or anything else, you’re bound to find something that your person will enjoy — or at least something that will get a chuckle out of them. Plus, it’s for a good cause.

Student gifts for Secret Santa can cover the widest possible range of presents but we hope this has given you some ideas ahead of December.

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