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Best Websites To Look For Graduate Jobs

Molly Raby November 25, 2022

Looking for jobs as a recent graduate can be tiresome and hard. You have spent the past several years working towards your end goal of a degree, and now you are set loose into the world. But, finding the right places to look can really ease the struggle of finding a new role. So, here are a few of the best websites for graduate jobs.


Indeed is one of the easiest and most popular job websites. It is free to use, all you need to do is sign up and start looking for jobs. To increase your chances of getting noticed, you can add your CV to your applications and even message employers.

You can use the filter section to tighten your search to only jobs that would suit your location, experience, salary expectations, etc.

To be sure that you never miss out on jobs that are within your bracket, you can set up notifications and alerts for roles and/or companies.

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LinkedIn is probably the best place for recent graduates to go. It is not just a place where jobs are posted, like Indeed, but it is set out more like a professional social media platform.

You can set up a free account and begin to create your profile. This can include detailing past work experience, skills, current and past projects, etc.

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Through LinkedIn you can also make professional connections with companies and people whom you can then chat to about possible jobs or working experiences.

Networking is paramount in the working world and, at some point in your career, you are probably going to need a LinkedIn account. So, you might as well start making it now.


Prospectus is part of a non-profit that works with higher education bodies to create access to hundreds of graduate and postgraduate careers and further study opportunities.

Like with Indeed, you can tailor your search to your requirements and set up notifications to alert you to new job offers.

Prospectus also offers extensive job profiles that detail what specific careers entail, what experience you would need and what other careers are similar to them.

If you are unsure on what career would suit you, you can take their free quiz that will help you narrow your search down.

Save The Student

Save The Student is a website that covers not just job opportunities, but posts about accommodation, finance, improving your CV and other topics that graduates may need some guidance on.

You can find full-time, part-time and graduate jobs as well as grad schemes and apprenticeships. 

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