Best YouTube Channels That Help You Study
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Best YouTube Channels That Help You Study

Zoe Kramer January 28, 2023

In the digital age, studying doesn’t have to be all paper and pen anymore. You might find yourself going to YouTube to procrastinate — but there are lots of channels that can teach you about productivity, too, as well as help you on your educational journey in other ways. So if you want new inspiration or you simply want an excuse to use your favourite app while doing coursework, here are the best YouTube channels that help you study.

Ruby Granger

Ruby Granger has a great selection of videos to watch on productivity, studying, and daily life. She has tips on revision, forming habits, essays, and setting up your study space. You can also put on one of her study with me videos to have something on in the background as you go through your work.

Thomas Frank

Another great YouTube channel to help you study is Thomas Frank. His YouTube channel has all kinds of helpful content regardless of where you are in life. You can check out his study skills playlist or learn how to improve your writing skills. If you’re looking for tips on focusing in general, you can give his how to focus series a try.

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Crash Course

Sometimes when you don’t understand a topic, you just need it explained in a different way. That’s where Crash Course comes in. They have short, easy-to-understand videos on various topics within pretty much every subject area. You can browse by finding the playlist for your subject, or you can check out one of their college foundations series.


Ted-Ed tends to have more niche educational topics rather than broad overviews, but they’re a great resource nonetheless. They have videos on history, finance, coding, genetics, and much more. Even though it’s educational content, it’s also entertaining and easy to absorb.

Cafe Music BGM

If you like having music in the background while you study, check out Cafe Music BGM. This is another great YouTube channel to help you study. They offer a variety of different jazz mixes that you can play while you work. These are great for concentration, and they simulate studying in a cafe environment without the distractions that would entail. It also helps you relax, so that your study session is productive and stress-free.

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