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Can You Download And Share Instagram Videos To Your Device?

Jasmyne Jeffery December 2, 2022

Instagram is full of loads of hilarious videos that you want to share with your friends. If you want to send it to them or keep it forever, then you’ll be asking if you can download videos on Instagram.

Wanting to share a funny or cute reaction is the first thing you want to do on social media, particularly if your friends don’t have that specific one. On TikTok, some creators allow you to download their videos straight to your device through the share button. Now, fans are wondering if you can do the same on Instagram.

Can You Download Instagram Videos?

Unfortunately, you cannot download other people’s Instagram videos onto your phone without either screen recording or third-party Instagram video downloader apps. Both of these are massively frowned upon due to privacy breaches.

However, you can save your own videos really easily. When you’ve recorded your video, click the downward-facing arrow at the top of your screen to save it to your device. This works with both stories and your grid posts. If it’s a post you’ve already posted, then you can still download that Instagram video too.

For stories, view the video you want to download and click the tree dots labelled ‘more’ in the bottom corner. A little menu will pop up and one of the options will be to save the video. Now, even after 24 hours are up you can keep rewatching your story. If you go to your Instagram settings, then privacy and security and story controls then there is a toggle to automatically download all your stories to your device.

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How To Share Instagram Videos With Friends

Although you can’t download Instagram videos without a video downloader app, there are a few easy ways to share videos, particularly if your friends have Instagram too.

If it’s a post on a story, then you simply click the paper aeroplane icon in the bottom corner and search for the friends that you want to send it to. Add a little message with your thoughts on the video and then the video will appear in your DMs with that person. Stories will still disappear after 24 hours, so as long as your friends check Instagram regularly then they’ll be able to share the fun too.

You can do this exact process with grid posts too, which will always stay in your DMs unless the post is no longer available. You can share it to your own story as well, but this will delete after 24 hours.

Sharing without downloading is the best way to let friends in on the joke. Plus, if they don’t have Instagram then just give them a nudge in the right direction so they don’t miss out on the fun.

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