Cheap Items For Keeping Warm This Winter
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Cheap Items For Keeping Warm This Winter

Jasmyne Jeffery December 6, 2022

With energy bills on the rise, everybody is keeping their heating off for as long as possible. Now, December has hit and the temperatures have dropped. If you’re not in a position to turn on your radiators then you aren’t alone. These cheap items will help you keep warm without breaking the bank.

It’s a position that no one wants to be in, but hiking energy bills have made it inevitable for some. But don’t sit there watching your foggy breath, purchase a couple of these cheap items that will help you keep warm.

Cheap Items For Keeping Warm

All of the following can be bought on Amazon and your high street — and they’ll cost a lot less to run than the heating.

A Thermos

Branded or unbranded, this will do the job nicely. You can normally pick one of these up from your local supermarket and they can be as cheap as a fiver.

You can fill this up with hot water in the morning, which will save you from boiling the kettle multiple times. Or, you can make a big cup of tea which you can drink out of throughout the day. Look out for the ones you can hold in particular. That way, when you’re not drinking it, you can use it to keep your hands nice and toasty.

They’re also great for soup, or other similar dishes if you need to keep it warm for later on, but don’t want to use the microwave.

A Hot Water Bottle

It would be surprising if you didn’t have one of these in your house already, but don’t forget to use it! Stick it under your jumper, beneath your feet, or even in your bed before you get in at night. If you’re really savvy, you can use any leftover water from your thermos and pop it into your bottle.

If you need to do the dishes, people have often used the still-hot water from their water bottles to help, which will save on water.

These are literally less than £5 in Argos and are also readily available on Amazon.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

An Electric Blanket

Slightly more expensive than the ones above, but invaluable in the winter. At around £20, an electric blanket is a bigger purchase, but it’s a great suggestion if a loved one wants to get you a Christmas present. Bear in mind, that these are very cheap to run. For an hour a day for a week, the average electric blanket will cost you less than 20p. Think how much cheaper that is than the heating, even with the upfront cost.

These are great to stick in your bed before you go to sleep, or even just cuddled up on the sofa. Even just putting it on for an hour will mean that it’ll stay warm for longer than that.

Heated Scarf

Never heard of it? Neither had we until this winter! If you’re heading out into the bitter weather, then one of these is ideal for you. Priced as low as £3.00 these scarves are rechargeable and work when you’re out and about. Of course, you can use it in the home as well if you want to be extra snuggly and warm.

Heated Insoles

On the same vein as the scarves, but for your feet. Your head and your feet are where heat escapes the most, so by keeping your feet warm, the rest of you will keep warm too.

These are around £8.99 for a pair, rechargeable, and cost less than 1p to run for an hour.

We will definitely be purchasing some of these!

Hopefully, this list of cheap items to keep you warm will be helpful this winter and keep you away from turning the heating on!

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