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Common University Interview Questions You Could Be Asked

Molly Raby May 14, 2023

Once you have submitted an application for your favoured universities, you may well get a reply asking for you to attend an interview. Many universities conduct interviews to decide why students wish to attend their university and why they chose that specific course. Some top universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford, use interviews to help select students due to the volume of applications they get and how competitive places are. Wherever you are applying for, here are some of the more common questions that are routinely asked in university interviews, so you can try to prepare as best you can.

Tell Me About Yourself

This may sound like one of the easier questions you will get asked, but there are certain ways you should go about answering this. You don’t want to spend you whole interview time just talking about your personal hobbies and interests, but it is good for the interviewer to see what kind of person you are.

The best way to answer this question is to think of three or four highlights that have made you the person you are. This could be a hobby you have had for years, a significant holiday, family and friends you are close with, etc.

Don’t just focus on your schooling achievements as they will have already read your personal statement and seen your grades.

Why Do You Want To Attend This University?

There are thousands of universities you could apply to, so university interviewers want to know why you have chosen them. They want to know that if they accept you over someone else, that you will value what they have to offer.

When answering this question, you should touch on their facilities and teaching. If they have particularly good facilities that will aid you in your subject, whether that is a science lab, gymnasium, stage, etc, make sure you seem appreciative of that.

As for teaching, you can mention that you have researched their courses and spoken to past students and are excited to have the possibly to be taught by the lecturers at this university.

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Why Do You Want To Study This Course?

Of course, you are going to be asked why you wish to study your particular course, but how you answer it can vary.

You can begin by stating how studying this course will help you on your career path. Detail how it will prepare you for the career you are aiming for and why you wish to have that career.

As well as getting you further in your career, universities like to know that you will enjoy what you will be studying. So, be sure to mention that you have a genuine interest in the subject. Maybe you have evidence of you enjoying the subject as child. Putting on performances at home, pretending to be a doctor, writing fake newspaper articles, etc. This will show the interviewer more of your personality whilst also letting them know how passionate you are about the subject.

Other Common University Interview Questions

What is your greatest strength and weakness?

Why did you choose your A-Level subjects?

What can you bring to this university?

Which books are you reading currently?

What achievement are you most proud of?

What do you wish to do after university?

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