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How To Play Drinking Game Ride The Bus

Maddy Burgess September 16, 2022

Whether you’re breaking the ice with new housemates, or just want to spice up a night out with your friends, drinking games are a rite of passage within university. Ride The Bus is a classic university drinking game to guarantee you a good night. If you are wondering how to play Ride The Bus, we’ve got you covered.

The rules can seem long and complicated, so we’ve whittled it down to the basics and explained the rules in an easy-to-understand guide.

All you will need to play is a pack of cards, some drinks and a willing group of people.

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Round One

For the game there is a dealer, who shuffles the deck and asks the players to guess the colour of the card they will be dealt: ‘red or black?’ If they’re right, they nominate someone to drink and, if they’re wrong, they drink themselves. This gets anyone their first card.

Round Two

In round two, the players will be asked to guess if the next card they’re dealt will be higher or lower than the previous. The same drinking rules apply if they get it wrong or right.

Round Three

Round three has the same format as the last two rounds except the players are asked if the next card’s number will be in between the ones they already have or outside.

Round Four

For the final dealing round, the dealer asks each player to pick a suit, giving them a one in four chance of avoiding a drink. If the player guesses wrong, as they likely will, they drink. If not, they can nominate five people to drink.

Round Five – The Pyramid

After this, players should have four cards each that are private and no one else can see. The dealer will then create a pyramid of cards on the table, with 6 at the bottom and 1 right at the top. Starting at the bottom row, one card will be flipped at a time by the dealer. Anyone who has a matching card in their hand can lay it down and nominate people to drink the quantity of sips associated with that row.

For example, if your card is on the bottom row you only drink once. The higher the card is in the pyramid, the more sips of your drink or drinks to nominate. You can even make the top card a shot if you really want to. When all the cards have been flipped, whoever has the most in their hands has to ride the bus.

Round Six – Riding the Bus

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The unlucky player with the most cards has to ride the bus in the grand finale of this game. It’s fun as everyone else can watch. 

The dealer will lay ten cards face down and flip them over one by one. The person riding the bus has to guess if the card will be higher or lower than the previous one and, if you get one wrong, you go back to the start and pay a hefty drinking price. One sip (or shot, depending how brutal you are) for every card you got right. This can take a while until the player guesses correctly for all ten cards, and they will probably be quite drunk by the end of it.

Enjoy riding the bus!

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