Duolingo Developing New Music Learning App
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Duolingo Developing New Music Learning App

Zoe Kramer March 23, 2023

Duolingo is mainly known for its popular AI-based language learning app, which has over 500 million users. The free-to-use software has over 40 languages to learn. It comes in handy for users across the world, whether they’re learning for business, travel, or other reasons. The app makes it easy to make a commitment, with users able to do short daily sessions, or stick around to learn for longer. For many, its accessible format makes it the go-to for language learning. However, it has recently been exploring education in other fields, too. And now, its latest venture introduces a new form of music education.

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What Is The Duolingo Music App?

Like its other apps, Duolingo’s music education app will focus on learning from the ground up. Rather than focusing on mastering a specific preset roster of skills, the apps instead focus on the basic building blocks every person needs to start learning about music.

The app has not been made official, but its development was made known to the public when the company posted a job ad for an “expert in music education who combines both theoretical knowledge of relevant learning science research and hands-on teaching experience.”

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This new venture comes as the company has seen widespread success, seeing an increase of 67% in their paid subscribers from 2021 to 2022. Its revenue also increased by a factor of two, reaching a total of $369.5 million.

What Other Projects Does Duolingo Have?

Beyond its language learning app, Duolingo has many projects that it’s working on. Its ABC app focuses on early childhood education, in particular, reading and writing. The app is aimed at 3 to 6 year olds, and is available for free.

It has also expanded into certification with its English Test app. This project was developed at a 2014 hackathon event. Compared to many costly exams, the Duolingo English test is a much more affordable option and can be completed online. The certification it provides is accepted by many universities and other institutions.

It has released a separate app dedicated to learning mathematics. This app teaches the fundamentals of multiplication, division, geometry, measurements and other core concepts. Its digital format also has the added benefit of interactivity and animated tutorials, which goes beyond what a regular textbook can teach.

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