ChatGPT 5 Is Already On People's Minds As The Future Is Now
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ChatGPT 5 Is Already On People's Minds As The Future Is Now

Vincent Ralph March 20, 2023

In the days since ChatGPT announced its fourth incarnation, the internet has been awash with articles about what it could mean for the future. After all, the previous version had already taken the world by storm. Finally, it seemed, we had an AI content generator that was – for want of a better phrase – a game-changer. And now, just a few short weeks after becoming the buzz word of 2023, ChatGPT was giving us a new and improved offering. Given how fast OpenAI are moving, some were quick to wonder when ChatGPT 5 was coming.

Chat GPT 5 Release Date Is Unknown

For now, it is unclear when GPT-5 will arrive as it is currently in its development stage. But what we can say, given how many improvements the latest version has on its predecessor, is that it is going to be one hell of a ride when it does arrive.

The ChatGPT that got people talking earlier this year was already touted as the best AI content generator out there. That is why it followed the Zoom model of seemingly going from nowhere to everywhere in the blink of an eye. Just as Zoom benefited from lockdowns to leapfrog Skype as the meeting spot of choice for remote workers, so Chat GPT has become the place to go if you want to create quick content that combs the internet for the best possible answer.

There are issues; as there were always going to be. But OpenAI are clearly working out the kinks.

GPT-4 can now answer questions based not just on words, but also images. It is also less inclined to make up content when none is available – something known as ‘hallucinating’ facts.

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As anyone who has use ChatGPT knows, fact-checking is a necessity and it should not be solely relied on when creating sensitive or important content. However, the speed with which it writes (and learns when you ask for amendments) is phenomenal.

When GPT-5 does arrive, you can be sure it will have learnt from the previous versions. That is the joy of AI. It is not only its creators that learn from the mistakes of older incarnations, it is the programme itself.

How Far Could ChatGPT 5 Go?

The short answer – and the scary one for those mumbling about Skynet under their breath – is this. When it comes to AI, the sky is the limit.

Few would have thought, before OpenAI changed the game in November 2022, that we would be talking so confidently about this just five months later. And yet that is exactly what happened.

Some universities have already banned their students from using ChatGPT, while others have embraced it. It is forcing people to change their thinking, with some colleges and unis announcing that ChatGPT is the perfect research tool and others fearing it is the end of independent thinking.

It is definitely a wonderful tool for bringing all the relevant research you need into one place. But we still think an overreliance on it can be problematic for students and teachers alike.

Educational leaders need to know their students are producing original work. And that can be tricky when so much of ChatGPT’s content – when run through plagiarism checkers – comes back as 100% unique. It means schools need to rethink their own methods, but that is always the case when new technology changes the game.

The fact that ChatGPT 5 is around a corner, with all the improvements that is likely to bring, only makes the need to constant adaption all the more important.

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