Fans Reunite Harry Styles With Lion Ring After Coachella
2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 1
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles

Fans Reunite Harry Styles With Lion Ring After Coachella

Maddy Burgess May 19, 2022

Harry Styles lost his iconic Lion shaped Gucci ring at Coachella back in April. It flew off his finger and into the crowd while he was on stage performing. Yesterday, the singer was reunited with it.

He posted a photo of it on Instagram story, along with the caption ‘It hath returned. Thank you’ and a few lion themed GIFs and emojis. Who knew Harry Styles used GIFs? Well, now we do. 

He is not one to post on Instagram often, especially about his personal life. So I was shocked to open that story and see it was the lost lion ring.

Fans slowed down some of the Coachella footage and actually managed to pinpoint the exact moment the ring was lost.

In the video, you can very clearly see the gold piece of jewellery falling into the crowd as Harry throws water on the crowd. No one seemed to notice at the time.

The ring was iconic and fans have seen Harry wearing it throughout his career.

After someone allegedly found the ring and photos emerged of it on Twitter, Styles’ huge fanbase rallied around to reunite him with it. The ring is engraved with ‘Harry’ and ‘Second time’s a charm’ as well as having sentimental value. 

Fans reached out to Harry’s stylist, Harry Lambert, tagging him in the tweet of the person claiming to know who has the ring. One person tweeted “@harry_lambert the lion ring has been found!! Check your dms” while another tweeted “Answer the phone Harry we found your ring!!”

The tweets went viral with the original having 1.4k shares. Nothing was said or formally announced since, so fans believed the ring was lost forever, until Styles’ Instagram story yesterday morning.

Fans went crazy and were overjoyed that the singer was finally reunited with his ring. Even better, it was all down to them.

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