Was That Really Liam Neeson In Derry Girls?
Derry Girls S3, ep1. (L-R) Inspector Byers (Liam Neeson), Officer Lennox (Michael Byers)

Fans Say Liam Neeson Stole The Show On Derry Girls

Molly Raby April 13, 2022

Derry Girls finally back with season three, but as much as everyone was excited to see the four Irish girls (and the wee English fella) fans say Liam Neeson’s cameo stole the show in the first episode.

In the series premiere the girls (and James) managed to find themselves in a spot of bother only to be greeted by the Oscar-nominated Irish legend, Liam Neeson and fans lost it – including the writer, and she wrote it.

Writer and creator of the show, Lisa McGee tweeted Liam’s codename on set was ‘the big fella’ and while everyone did well to keep this secret from the world, she rightfully announced it was ‘arguably quite an easily cracked code’.

Fans Lose It Over Neeson

Even though fans were more excited than ever to have the third series back on TV, some people said the Taken star ‘stole the show’ with his short cameo and many just couldn’t keep calm at all.

Neeson’s A Fan of Derry Girls

Lisa McGee and director Michael Lennox spoke in a Q&A about shooting this episode and McGee explained she would hide from Neeson on set as the experience of working with him was ‘really, really scary.’

Not because he is a terrifying person (although, have you seen Taken?) but because she revered him so much. They discussed how Neeson is actually a ‘fan of the show’, which is how the guest appearance occurred. According to Lennox, it was the one and only Dame Helen Mirren who had introduced Neeson to Derry Girls.

However as much as he ‘stole the show’ Neeson was only a cameo and isn’t expected to feature at all in the upcoming episodes of the Channel 4 comedy, but you never know if any Irish stars will make their own cameo in the farewell season of the show.

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