Firework Alternatives That Are Pet-Friendly To Keep Everyone Happy
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Firework Alternatives That Are Pet-Friendly To Keep The Whole Family Happy

Jasmyne Jeffery December 30, 2022

With New Year’s Eve tomorrow, celebrating will be on everyone’s minds. However you chose to spend the night, it’s certain that you’ll see seem fireworks. Not to everyone’s taste and scary for others, here are some pet-friendly firework alternatives so everyone can enjoy the evening.

Whilst fireworks are definitely a spectacle, they’re also very loud, expensive and not good for the environment. Over the last couple of years big events that once used fireworks, like in London, now use drones instead. Whilst that’s not a viable replacement for all those who have used fireworks, there are lots of alternatives that mean less noise and pollution, but still all the enjoyment.

Firework Alternatives

Have a look through the following alternatives and we’re sure more than one will appeal. You’ll have no angry neighbours with quivering dogs or washing that smells of smoke.

Glow Sticks

All the colour, and something everyone can get involved in. Not just for your school disco days, waving around some glow sticks or even dancing with them around your neck and wrists is perfect for bringing in the new year. There’s no noise, and no smoke, but still lots of fun (particularly if everyone looks a little silly).

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These can be bought in most supermarkets and will cost less than £10 for a fair few of them. That’s considerably less than you’ll pay for fireworks.

Sparklers Or A Bonfire

If there’s something about fire that just can’t be replicated, then just do it on a smaller, less noisy scale.Both sparklers and a bonfire are perfect firework alternatives. Sparklers don’t just work for bonfire night and can be used to spell out ‘2023’ multiple times before we head into the new year. It’s something else the kids can get involved with too and is definitely cheaper.

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Though a bonfire will still create smoke, there’s almost no noise to them whatsoever. Just let your neighbours know so they can get the washing in. If you want something a bit more special to do, then you can always write down things you want to leave in 2022 and throw them in (safely of course). You can always toast some marshmallows or sing some good ol’ fashion campfire songs if it takes your fancy.

A Laser Show

If you have one, or a friend of a friend has one, then this is a great fireworks alternative which is definitely pet-friendly. These will probably cost you more than a small firework display if you don’t already have one, but renting it would be considerably cheaper.

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There will be no noise and no smoke and it would be something the whole neighbourhood could still enjoy. Plus, you can’t deny that lasers are pretty cool.


Give everyone an eco-friendly party popper or a bag of confetti to through at midnight. These will decompose properly if you can’t find all the bits at midnight or don’t have the head for it in the morning. Still colourful and getting everybody involved, this celebration is on a smaller scale but is still fun.

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Plus, everybody gets covered in it and who doesn’t want to look a bit silly on New Year’s Eve?

There are lots of ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve without getting fireworks involved. Although it has become a bit of a tradition, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own!

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