As someone who views sexuality as a spectrum with endless possibilities, I think there is a beauty to the diversity of non-conforming music and artistry that overflows the boundaries of binary categorisation. In the same way that gender and sexuality are immeasurable, I think that music can be genreless. I also think that, to a certain extent, music is artist-less, in that we do not need to know whether a musician is queer or not to appreciate their music. For example, Lady Gaga manages to produce gay anthems left, right and centre. However, given that February is LGBTQIA+ month, I felt it only necessary to give some exposure to some of my favourite queer bands that are currently up-and-coming.

Many of these bands do not get the recognition they deserve – irrespective of if this is due to their sexual identities or not. So hopefully this article will introduce you to some genuinely brilliant music, while also increasing each band’s Spotify listeners.


I discovered this band during lockdown and I have not been able to stop listening to them since. Hailing from the Big Apple, this indie-pop collective is comprised of six members who are predominantly queer and POC. With ethereal vocals that float over dreamy instrumentals and funky offbeats, Michelle have managed to find a relaxed, alternative R&B sound that will brighten up any day.

Recommend Track: UNBOUND

Aye Nako

Aye Nako is probably the most political band on this list, using their songs to ‘promote their own community-oriented, anti-capitalist, LGBTQ-friendly ideology.’ Formed in 2010, the quartet has always been ahead of its time, rebranding the very definition of pop-punk music both instrumentally, given their gritty sound, and lyrically, as seen through unapologetic lyrics like ‘There’s always a place / For a seminal place of time / I’m not defined.’

Recommended Track: Half Dome

band practicing on studio
Photo by Hans Vivek on The Internet

Interestingly, this extremely progressive band was born out of Odd Future, a previous musical group known in part for alleged ‘homophobic and misogynistic’ lyrics. Since their inception, The Internet have had an array of members come and go. But perhaps the most constant figure is Syd, an openly gay woman with sultry smooth vocals who is unapologetically herself. The chilled R&B influences are clear in all of their songs, many of which explore themes relating to same-sex relationships.

Recommended Track: Palace/Curse

Kera & The Lesbians

I think it is a challenge to find something more queer than the name of this band. While you may think you know what you are getting into, seeing two male bandmates behind frontwoman Kera does not exactly live up to the expectations of lesbianism. Yet, that is the entire point. Kera & The Lesbians aim to subvert heteronormative ways of thinking through their ‘bipolar folk’ inspired songs.

Recommended Track: Green

Coco & Clair Clair

When people think of queer music, it tends to fall within the genres of punk or riot grrrl culture rather than the newer spaces within hip-hop. As an alternative rap duo from Atlanta, Coco & Clair Clair are slowly changing these preconceptions. Visually the pair appear to be polar opposites. But they provide the yin and yang required to balance hazy hyperpop backing tracks with their bold lyrics.

Recommended Track: Pretty

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