Five Reasons Why A History Degree Is Useful
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Five Reasons Why A History Degree Is Useful

Victoria Causley January 18, 2023

Fancy studying a History degree at university but not sure on what you’ll get out of it? Then give this a read to find out why a History degree is useful.

Writing Skills

With History comes a lot of essays and reading, there’s no denying that. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable. If you have an interest in History, then you’ll probably find what you’re studying really gripping and you’ll want to delve deep into the ideas around it anyway.

Because you end up writing a lot, you leave with a degree and some really great transferrable skills. You might decide you want to become a writer or an editor, and a History degree counts for a lot in these lines of work.

Argument and Review Analysis

While you will have great punctuation and reading skills, you’ll also develop your ability to argue and review a historical piece of work as part of these transferable skills. Historians all have very different opinions, and that’s what makes studying it so interesting. During you’re degree you’ll probably analyse lots of reviews and pick up on tips and tricks to build your own opinion.

This can be a really handy tool to have when you finish university, especially depending on the career you go in to. A lot of students transfer to Law after studying History, where you would definitely put your argument skills to the test.

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It’s no joke that a History degree is pretty intense. It can often be a lot of reading and a lot of writing, which isn’t for everyone. But it certainly pays off.

Graduating with a History degree shows that you have a committed, motivated and potentially ambitious character that pushes you to succeed. Employers know how hard a degree is.


Besides all of the skills you’ll come out with by doing a History degree, you will also learn a huge variety of facts. From Romans, to Tudors, to World Wars – you’ll be able to win every historical fact question that comes up in any future pub quizzes!


Lastly, having any degree puts you in a great position to get a job. If you want to become a history teacher then you’ve got the degree to go and get you PGCE and so on. Maybe you want to work in a museum or use your transferrable skills to work in law, journalism or editing? Having a broad degree is often a good thing.

And if you want to switch it up entirely, you’ve still proved that you’re capable of getting a degree and that’s the main thing! The most important part is to choose something you love.

These are just a few of the reasons why a History degree is useful. So, if you’re considering doing a History degree because you love it, then do it! It will develop your perception, judgement, transferrable skills and your intellectual knowledge.

Because ‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. ‘ – Edmund Burke.

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