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Fun And Quirky Playlist Names For Your New Music

Molly Raby May 21, 2023

So, you’ve made a new playlist but now you have to name it. You need to name your new playlist as something that relates to what the vibe is. Do you want to feel excited, nostalgic or party-ready when you listen to this playlist? Naming a playlist can be harder than curating the songs, so here are some quirky names that you are welcome to use for your brand spanking new playlist.

Chill Playlists

Sometimes you just want to sit back and chill out with some good music. Use these playlist names to remind you that this has the music you are looking for.

  • For the one who likes a slow jam
  • Breathing easy at the beach
  • We’ll be okay
  • After a long day at work
  • Cold nights, great vibes
  • Barefoot, wild and free
  • Dope days

Summer Vibes

When the sun comes out and you spend your days lounging about on a park field soaking up the sun, you need some good tunes to accompany you. Imagine you get the speaker and can’t find your summer playlist! Well, that won’t happen when you give it a quirky playlist name something like…

  • Tropical tunes
  • Poolside vibes
  • Summer jams
  • Hot girl summer playlist
  • Tan lines
  • That summer feeling
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Sad Playlists

If your playlist is for those times that you want to close your door and wallow in your emotions, then here are some playlist names to mirror that.

  • How I deal with being single
  • Crying in the club
  • It’s been a rough day
  • Depresso coffee
  • Tap to feel despair
  • When your mum says it’s just depression and you have to get over it

Workout Songs

When you hit the gym or go for a run, you need some good workout tunes that make you feel ready. Here are some playlist names to help get you pumped up.

  • Move your body
  • Beast mode
  • Running up that hill
  • Sweat it out
  • Taking down the patriarchy
  • Get that bread

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