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Graduation Certificate Holders To Show Off Your Achievement

Jasmyne Jeffery June 19, 2023

You’ve made it through the three years and now it’s time to collect your reward. Of course, it will hold a special place in your heart, so you’ll want to look after it and show it off. Don’t know how? Here are some perfect graduation certificate holders to do just that.

Finally, your university course is over and you’ve made it through and graduated. That’s definitely a reason to celebrate, but first, you’ll need to dress up fancy and collect your degree.

That’s right: Graduation! Of course, there are other ways to celebrate your achievements if graduation isn’t for you. Plus, it’s easy to get your certificate sent to your house, so you don’t even have to turn up for that.

Whatever you chose to do, you’ll want a fancy way to display your degree. And we have some great options.

Graduation Certificate Holders To Display Your Degree

There are a few days to show off your degree and keep it safe. Have a look at which one you would prefer.

  • A Frame

This is probably the most common way of displaying it and there’s a reason for that. It makes it easy to show off, it also protects it and you can feel proud whilst looking at it on the walls. A frame is also super portable, so you can change your mind about where you want to keep your certificate

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The frame can be a super simple one, or you can get one that’s personalised and even made out of silver. Depending on the money available, you’ve got a lot of choices with this graduation certificate holder.

  • A Folder

This is a little fancier than a frame, but means you can still display it; it will just have to go on a shelf or bookcase.

If you’re getting one of these, then usually they’re personalised with your name and university and even the year you graduate if you’d like.

Typically, they’re leather bound on the outside, with a slip for your certificate on the inside. Sometimes, they have two slips, so you could put the title page of your dissertation in that one. We all know that was the hardest part, but probably the most rewarding!

  • A Scroll Box

Using a scroll box means that your certificate isn’t so openly on display, but it still makes a great ornament. This is a great option for those who want to be a little more covert about their achievements, but still want it out and about.

Plus, there are lots of different options with a box. You could go for something simple, something personalised, or even a silver-plated cylinder; engraved as well, of course.

Depending on what you want, prices range from £11 on Amazon, or closer to £30 if you want it personalised.

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Make Sure To Capture Memories On The Day

As well as showing off your certificate once you get home, it’s also important to whip the camera out for a few snaps on the day too.

It’s not very often that you’ll be dressed up that fancy with all your friends and family. Definitely take the opportunity to grab some photos. You can put your favourite one next to the certificate, whichever way you display it, and the others can go into the album to look back on.

Our top tip is to put someone else in charge of taking pictures. Sure, posed ones are always great, but it’s the candid ones that always stand out. Plus, you can’t really take a selfie as you collect your degree, so allocate a trusted person to get the all-important shot during the ceremony.

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