Greggs and Mcdonalds Release Their Tasty Christmas Menus
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Greggs And McDonald's Release Their Tasty Christmas Menus

Jasmyne Jeffery November 10, 2022

Although we may all be reaching for the Celebrations tin and Twiglets, other foods are definitely taking our fancy this festive season. Both Greggs’s Christmas menu and McDonald’s Christman menu and full of tasty treats.

Christmas is all about indulgence. Be that a sneaky After Eight at 6:00pm or realising you’ve eaten a whole cheeseboard to yourself, we all know calories don’t *really* count in the festive season. Whether you’re looking for a delicious snack or planning a festive feast, both Greggs’s and McDonald’s Christmas menu have brought back all their favourites and more.

The Greggs Christmas Menu

The Festive Bakes are back!

You can almost hear the chant for the return of Greggs Festive Bake wherever you go. Luckily, the baked goods chain has not disappointed. The bake is packed full of chicken, stuffing and bacon and finished off with a cranberry and sage sauce. Although it’s 20p more than last year, it’s certain to tide you over until you can devour that massive Christmas dinner.

Along with their regular Festive Bake, Greggs’s Christmas menu also includes the vegan version. Substituting the meat for Quorn and vegan breadcrumbs, there is a Festive Bake for everyone.

Greggs other Winter Warmers

If you’re looking for something to warm those wintery hands as well as fill your belly, then maybe the Christmas Lunch Soup is for you. Advertised as Christmas in a cup, the soup costs £2.30 and is a blend of sausages, stuffing, turkey, bacon and vegetables.

Can’t get enough of pigs in blankets? Well, you definitely aren’t alone. Greggs has tailored to everyone’s needs and given us their Pigs Under Blanket Baguette once again. Not only do you get sausages under a layer of bacon, but there’s stuffing and a cranberry and port sauce as well. Is anyone else’s mouthwatering yet?

There’s also a vegan version of the baguette, filled with sage and onion goujons and comes with the same sauce as the baguette above. This is definitely one for a stuffing lover.

Christmas drinks are also available

The Greggs Christmas menu also contains some delicious drinks, particularly if you’re a fan of mint. The chain has brought back out a Mint Mocha, Mint Hot Chocolate and a Salted Caramel Latte. All the drinks cost you £2.30, but we all deserve a Christmas treat.

The Greggs Christmas menu is available from today! So what are you waiting for?

The McDonald’s Christmas Menu

After releasing their heart-wrenching Christmas advert this morning, it’s understandable that many will be flocking to McDonald’s for a taste of their Christmas menu. Unfortunately, their festive treats aren’t out until November 23, so you’ll have to eagerly count down the days instead (13!).

To keep you going, let’s give you a glimpse of what you’re in for this year.

Burgers making a return

Fans of the new McCrispy will be pleased to know that the chicken burger will be continuing into the Christmas menu. The new burger is a permanent addition and so should be on the menu for a little while yet.

Making it home for Christmas is the much-loved Big Tasty. The Ho-Ho-Ho-mungous burger contains layers of beef patty, Emmental cheese, onions, tomatoes and a delicious smokey sauce. Bacon is an additional item that can be added if you’re really in the mood. Without bacon, the burger will cost £5.29 on its own. With the bacon, it’ll be an extra 60p.

Christmas Puddings

Move over Apple Pie, there’s a new pie in town. McDonald’s are bringing back their Festive Pie filled with mincemeat and custard. Definitely one for a mince pie fanatic — just make sure you give it time to cool down!

It wouldn’t be McDonald’s without a McFlurry (well, when the machine is working…) and Christmas isn’t any different. The return of possibly the best McFlurry is enough to get anyone in the festive spirit. The Celebrations McFlurry is their usual ice cream topped with bits of Malteser, Twix, Snickers and Galaxy chocolate and caramel drops. Did we say there’s a milk chocolate sauce too?

The Dippers Are Back

This might be what the nation is most excited about in the McDonald’s Christmas menu. That’s right, the camembert bites are back! The Cheese Melt Dippers are chunks of camembert coated in a breadcrumb and served with a tangy tomato sauce.

Replacing the Nacho Cheese Wedges, the dippers are available in bags of four, costing £2.29 or in a share box of fifteen which will be £5.99.

The McDonald’s Christmas Menu Drinks Are Available Now

Unlike the food items which you’ll have to wait for, the McDonald’s Christmas drinks have been out for a week now. The fast food chain are introducing two festive drinks, a hot chocolate and a latte.

The Deluxe Hot Chocolate is made with chocolate syrup and topped with cream and chocolate dust. Cheaper than its Christmas drink rivals, this will only cost you £1.49.

On the other hand, the festive latte will cost a little more but it has an extra addition. The Caramel Waffle Latte comes with a little waffle on the side as well as a caramel syrup latte topped with cream. Costing £2.09, it’s still a reasonable price to keep your belly warm until the festive foods come in.

With both the McDonald’s Christmas Menu and the Greggs’s Christmas menu full of festive treats, it’s hard to choose which one to have first!

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