Hilarious Memes To Celebrate The Start Of Half Term Week
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Hilarious Memes To Celebrate The Start Of Half Term Week

Ella Kipling February 11, 2022

With half term upon us, children and teachers across the country are rejoicing at the thought of seven long days of freedom stretched out ahead of them. Meanwhile, parents are probably letting out a collective groan at the idea of a whole week of activities to plan and childcare to organise.

But when actually is half term? While half term usually falls on the same week in cities and towns across the country, there is sometimes variation of dates. To find when your half term is held, you can head over to your local council’s website. Alternatively, you can enter your postcode on GOV.UK here to find your council’s website and thus your half term dates.

Whether you are jumping for joy at the impending half term or fearing for your sanity, you’re bound to have a giggle at some of these hilarious half term memes.

10 painfully accurate half term memes

Yep, this is basically how we all feel before the holidays. We’re all one yawn away from falling asleep.

Anyone else feel instantly re-energised as soon as half term begins?

Getting Covid-19 during half term must be a real kick in the teeth. We wish this person a speedy recovery!

That week before half term is an uphill battle and this picture pretty much sums up how it feels.

What better way to celebrate the start of a whole week off than this?

There is not a single drop of patience in the entire school the week before half term, especially in the teachers’ lounge.

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