How Many Universities Can You Apply To In The UK
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How Many Universities Can You Apply To In The UK?

Jasmyne Jeffery February 25, 2023

Picking what university to attend is a hard decision, so it’s always recommended that you apply to more than one. However, knowing how many you can look into is another question entirely. We look at how many universities you can apply to in the UK, including through UCAS and its fee.

You may be tempted to have as many university applications as possible. This could be to give yourself the best chance of getting into one, or you’re just really really indecisive. However, you should probably know whether you can actually do that before you try.

How Many UK Universities Can You Apply To?

If you divide to apply without the help of UCAS, then you can apply to as many universities as you want. However, this isn’t recommended because of the hassle. You would have to keep track of all your applications, their status, and what paperwork you sent off. Plus, you have to do it individually; it’s all very time-consuming. Plus, lots of universities won’t even accept a direct application without UCAS. So, it’s not really worth trying just for the extra choices.

The most common choice, and what universities look for, is an application through UCAS. Applying this way limits you to 6 university choices, which have gone up for 2023. The other catch, which would be the same for direct applications, is that there is a fee.

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The UCAS Application Cost

No matter which way you apply, there will be a cost, so you might as well go through UCAS.

For 2023 applications, one choice will cost you £27. In previous years, there has been an additional fee if you want more than one application, however, this has now changed. If you’re applying now, then the £27 UCAS fee will cover up to 6 applications.

Be warned, that it’s reported that UCAS share your other uni choices when you apply. Some of the more prestigious universities like to be your top choice. If they’re not, or know that you applied to others as well, they are more likely to reject you. Although £27 covers 6 universities, don’t feel as if you have to use all the spots if you’re trying to get into Oxbridge. It could then be best to send your application directly if these universities interest you. That way they’re less likely to know where else you’ve applied.

You’ll pay once your application is all finished and you’re ready to send it off. This will be done through card payment so make sure you’ve got enough in your account.

This is already a pretty stressful time in your life, even without thinking about upcoming exams. Make your life easier but knowing as much as you can and using the tools available to you.

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