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What Is A Good Amount Of UCAS Points That Universities Will Accept?

Jasmyne Jeffery January 24, 2023

We should all know what our desired universities accept grade-wise, but often that’s converted into a point system. Knowing what your grades are worth is a bit more difficult which can less to unnecessary stress worrying about it. Don’t fret; we can tell what a good amount of UCAS points is, what universities typically accept and what certain grades are worth.

The UCAS submission deadline is almost upon us, which means that you’ve decided on what course you want to study and where. You’ve laboured over your personal statement, probably a little gutted that they won’t be a thing going forward. However, that hard part begins now. Making sure you get the grades you need to get into your first-choice university. Sometimes, it’s not as simple as grades and you’re faced with a total number of points instead.

If you’re a little confused, there’s no need to be stressed about it. We can explain the points system and what a good amount of UCAS points is. Plus, we’ll even tell you the A-level grade equivalents so it’s all in one place for you.

UCAS Tariff Points System

UCAS Tariff points are just the equivalent points to the grades that you achieve. Most qualifications have a worth in tariff points, but the amount will vary on what type of qualification and the standard of grade.

Universities often state the points requirements for their courses as well as grade expectations. If the latter isn’t on their page, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t just accept the grade.

UCAS points allow you slightly more freedom than grade requirements. Say a university asks for B B B or matching points, you could then get A B C or something similar where the points still match. Though the system can be a little confusing, it can be to your benefit.

The tariff has a drop-down menu for qualifications to pick from. If yours doesn’t appear on the list your desired university could still accept it, so check with the entry requirements or contact the university.

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What Is A Good Amount Of UCAS Points?

With UCAS points, the more you have the better. ThinkStudent says that the average student will have 112, so anything above that is a good amount of UCAS points.

It is worth remembering that good grades or UCAS points aren’t the be-all and end-all of getting into university. Of course, it’s important, but there are a number of different factors to getting accepted.

ThinkStudents also report that only a third of universities use the UCAS tariff points system and instead work off your predicted grades. There’s no point getting worried about it if your universities aren’t!

How many UCAS points universities accept is completely down to the course and university. But, if you’ve got yourself 112 or above then you’re o pretty safe ground. Keep in mind that most prestigious courses and universities, like Oxford or Cambridge, may be looking for more.

How Many UCAS Points Are A-Level Grades Worth?

If you’re still curious about what the point equivalent to grades are, then here are the A/AS level grades converted into points.

AS Level Grades

  • A: 20
  • B: 16
  • C: 12
  • D: 10
  • E: 6

A Level Grades

  • A*: 56
  • A: 48
  • B: 40
  • C: 32
  • D: 24
  • E: 16

The UCAS Tariff calculator has a lot more options for qualifications. If you did another form of qualification then you can check how many points you are predicted or have achieved there.

A good amount of UCAS points won’t make or break your university career. Though you’ll probably be thinking about it constantly until results day, there are always options if you don’t perform quite as well as you wanted.

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