How To Choose Your Tattoo Placement For Students
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How To Choose Your Tattoo Placement For Students

Zoe Kramer February 18, 2023

For many people, university is the time where they get their first tattoos. It’s a great way to celebrate independence and young adulthood, as well as a fantastic way to start conversations with others that have tattoos. However, when you’re first starting out it can be tricky to decide which part of your body to get tattooed. While tattoos are not an issue for some career paths, for others you’ll want to make sure you’re not disqualified before you even enter the workforce. Each placement has different pros and cons as far as visibility, healing and pain threshold, not to mention aesthetic preferences. So here are some of the most popular tattoo placements for students, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

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Wrist tattoos are among the most popular for starter tattoos. They are subtle and elegant, almost like permanent jewelry. Plus, they are easy to look down at and admire whenever you want. They’re not the easiest to cover, although they can be covered with a tight long sleeve if necessary. However, wrist tattoos are known for being fairly painful, since it’s a part of your body that isn’t cushioned by fat.

Back Of The Neck

Another popular tattoo placement for students is the back of the neck. It’s the perfect place for a discreet, simple and understated design. For those with long hair, it can be easily covered by wearing the hair down or shown off by wearing it up. It’s less likely to be a problem with employment than a front of the neck tattoo. However, it is a sensitive area so you can expect quite a bit of pain with this placement.


Thigh tattoos are great for a number of reasons. They allow for larger and more intricate designs while still being easily covered by pants, tights or skirts. They don’t tend to cause any issues with employment but can be shown off during beach season. Thighs also have plenty of cushioning, which makes this placement among the least painful compared to other tattoos. The drawback is that the skin where you get the tattoo can become dry.

Inner Bicep

Another one of the best tattoo placements for students is the inner bicep. They make a statement and create a real ‘tatooed look’ that some of the more subtle placements don’t. At the same time, they can still be covered with mid length to long sleeves and are only noticeable when your arm is in certain positions. They are well protected from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about fading. However, they are more prone to stretching than some other placements.

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