How To Clean Out Your Closet
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How To Clean Out Your Closet

Zoe Kramer February 8, 2023

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to start getting out the warm weather clothing. The transition between seasons is the perfect excuse to tidy up your wardrobe and declutter. After all, how much of the clothing you own do you really wear? It’s an exercise in self care to sort out items you no longer need and give yourself the gift of a pared down and organised set of clothes. So here is how to clean out your closet in the simplest and most rewarding way possible.

Start With One Pile

To properly clean out your closet, you don’t want to just pull out a few things to throw away and leave everything else as it is. Start by removing everything from your wardrobe and placing it on a bed or the floor. Then, go through each piece individually and evaluate it. This forces you to not skim over any details or be too lenient with certain items.

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Designate Keep, Give Away And Throw Away Piles

Once you have your single pile, you can start moving each item into one of three other piles: keep, give away and throw away. Keep items are items that you know you love and are going to continue to wear. Give away items are ones that you no longer wear but are still in good condition. Throw away items are items that are worn out or not worth giving away for any other reason.

Check The Fit

If you’re not sure you want to keep an item, it’s always a good idea to try it on. After all, if an item doesn’t fit you comfortably, there’s no point in keeping it. Even if it’s an item that you really like, if it doesn’t feel right, you most likely won’t end up wearing it.

Consider How Long It’s Been

You might find yourself rediscovering certain items as you go through your clothes. While you might be tempted to keep some of these items, try to think of how long it’s been since you’ve worn them. If it’s been over six months, it’s probably time to get rid of it. After all, if you didn’t wear it then, you probably won’t now.

Put The Keeps Back Neatly

Once you’re done sorting everything, take your pile of items to keep and either fold them neatly or put them on their hangers. This will ensure that your closet is as tidy as possible, and you can access all the items you need easily.

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