How To Connect More With Your New Flatmates
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How To Connect More With Your New Flatmates

Molly Raby March 4, 2023

Moving out and then having to share your living space with several strangers can be overwhelming. But the best way to overcome this is by getting to know your flatmates. These people can become some of your best mates and possible life-long friends, so why not make the effort to get to know them? Sometimes that can be daunting, and students in particular may worry about how to connect with new flatmates. But here are a few things that you can do to get to know them better.

Flat Meals

Going out for meals with your flatmates is a good idea but, as we all know, money is tight for students. So, why not cook for each other?

Having group meals has several benefits. You can bring a slice of home to university and show everyone your favourite meal. The UK has a wide range of cultures and foods from all around the world, so this can even introduce international cuisine to people who may never have explored a certain taste before.

Flat meals also encourage being social and this is one of the easiest ways to get to know someone. Simply talking about your life and being inquisitive about others will get you far and you’ll find common ground in no time.

Drinking Games

One thing a lot of students can do well is drink. So take this time to get to know each other on a deeper level. Whether you want to play these games at pres, or you designate a whole night to it, when the drinks get flowing, so do secrets!

You could have a great game of truth or dare, never have I ever, ring of fire or paranoid. You may be surprised at what is revealed.

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Games Night

Everyone loves a good game night, so clear the table and get your favourites out. Playing with and against your new flatmates will bond you together in a more light-hearted and chilled environment.

Sure, there may be a few heated moments in Monopoly, and you may get accused of murder in Cluedo, but that’s all part of the fun.

Favourite Films

Having a designated film night could be a great way to learn more about what kind of things your flatmates are in to. In fact, when wondering how to connect with new flatmates, this is arguably the easiest. Someone may love Star Wars, another Mamma Mia and there’s always someone whose favourite movie is Love Actually, so why not take it in turns to show your favourite film?

While you may not love a film as much as someone else, you can all chill together and chat about why you love or hate the movie. So, get some snacks, pop the popcorn and click play. Heck, you may even find a new favourite!

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