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How To Do The Spotify Festival

Zoe Kramer November 28, 2022

If you’re eagerly anticipating Spotify Wrapped, there’s another feature that you can try in the meantime: Instafest. You can generate a mock poster for a festival lineup based on your top Spotify artists. Plus, it generates a playlist that goes along with it. You might have already seen some of your friends sharing their Instafests. Aside from seeing what your dream music festival would be like, it’s fun to compare lineups and ask, would you go to my festival? If you are wondering how to do the Spotify festival trend, here is how you can generate and customize yours.

How To Generate Your Spotify Music Fest Lineup

First, go to the Instafest website. You’ll want to pull it up on a laptop or PC, since mobile isn’t currently supported. Next, select the green button that says ‘Sign In With Spotify.’ Log into your Spotify account, and then your poster will be automatically generated. The posters, given enough data, will include a lineup for three days of a music festival. The dates listed will be the date the poster is generated plus the following two days.

You might be content to stop there, or you might want to customize your lineup. You can switch between different timescales from the last four weeks to the last six months to all time. You can use this feature if there’s someone you don’t want in your lineup, or if you’re simply curious to see which artists change.

You can change the appearance of your poster by toggling between different styles called ‘Malibu Sunrise,’ ‘LA Twilight’ and ‘Mojave Dusk.’ You can also choose whether you want to hide your username.

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Once you’re all set, you can decide what you want to name your festival. Then, all you have to do is save your poster and you’re ready to share your festival.

If you enjoyed creating your Instafest, there are other apps that integrate your Spotify profile you can check out.

If you want to take a quiz or challenge based on your listening history, you can use Whisperify. This app will play five-second snippets of 10 random songs from your catalogue, and you can see if you can guess what they are. It’s a fun little game to play on your own or with friends.

If you find yourself wondering just how unique your music tastes are, you can try out Obscurify. Obscurify will measure up your Spotify profile against others in the area and gives you a percentage based on how popular or obscure your favourite artists and tracks are.

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