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Study Shows We Are Listening To More Music Than Ever

Zoe Kramer November 25, 2022

With Spotify Wrapped around the corner, many people are eager to compare their listening habits with their friends. One of the statistics that shows up in your data set is the number of minutes you’ve listened to that year. For some people, this can be a point of pride and a way to set up friendly competition with their fellow music enthusiasts.

Listening to lots of music has become the norm in recent years. You can find playlists for pretty much any mood, genre or vibe that you can think of. People listen while they exercise, while they study, while they cook, while they’re falling asleep. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise, then, that it turns out as a whole we’re listening to more music than we ever have before.

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How Much Music Does Average Person Listen To?

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) released a report showing that the average person now listens to 20.1 hours of music each week. Last year, this number was 18.4 hours a week. The study involved a sample of 44,000 people ranging from ages 16 to 64. 69% of people in the study said that music played an important role in their mental health. 46% use subscription-based streaming services to listen to music. Over 500 different genres were identified by respondents as part of their listening mix, with the average respondent listening to eight genres. The report also showed that music still plays an integral role in why people listen to the radio.

TikTok has also had a significant impact on the industry, with artists able to achieve stardom through promotion on the app and the wizardry of its algorithm. Songs that trend on TikTok inevitably make it to the charts, which means that artists and record labels alike are scrambling to make the next 15-second viral sensation. While the app currently serves as a tastemaker which pushes users onto music streaming apps to find their viral hits, this may change in the future. TikTok has completed a trademark application for ‘TikTok Music,’ which could signify future plans for the app to create its own way for users to listen to music. So, while TikTok isn’t going to spell the end of music as we know it, it certainly has had and will continue to have a seismic impact on how the industry operates, for better or worse.

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