How To Embrace Your Inner Child
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How To Embrace Your Inner Child

Zoe Kramer October 30, 2022

The phrase ’embrace your inner child’ is overused and admittedly a little bit cheesy. But there’s a reason why it’s grown in popularity. Connecting with your younger self can be a great way to relieve the stress of adult life. Plus, sometimes the pressure to act grown up can take away the things that make life fun. So here are some ways you can incorporate your childhood back into your life, while still buying groceries and paying tax and the rest of it.

Spend some time outside

Being outdoors is an essential part of being a kid. It’s how we got fresh air and exercise, things we very much still need as adults. When was the last time you ran as fast as you could just for the fun of it? Spend some time at a park or take an afternoon for a hike or bike ride.

Make nostalgic food

Embracing your inner child doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, mostly it’s the opposite. Think back to the meals or snacks you enjoyed most as a child and treat yourself to them. It could be something as standard as spaghetti but experiencing it through the eyes of your younger self will bring a whole new life back into it.

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Get creative

With coursework or jobs, creativity often doesn’t make its way into our busy lives. However, incorporating it can be simple. Start with some low-pressure doodling in a notebook or spare piece of paper. If you really want to give it a go, invest in some paints and see what your mind cooks up. There are other ways you may have been creative as a child, too — maybe you enjoyed building things out of cardboard or legos, designing doll outfits or dancing. You don’t have to do the same activities, but see if you can find something that ignites that same spark.

Revisit your dreams

Another way to connect to your inner child is to think back to the dreams you had for your future as a kid. They might be the same dreams you have now. Even if they’re not, reflecting on what these aspirations meant to you can be a useful exercise. You don’t need to rewrite your whole career path towards being the pilot or veterinarian you once hoped to be, but did you want to see more of the world? Be around animals, or help people? These desires can be reincorporated back into your life in different ways.

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