How To Feel Less Alone During The Transition From Uni To Job
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How To Feel Less Alone During The Transition From University To Job

Cicely McFarlane October 31, 2022

As you leave the comfort of your university environment, it is completely normal to feel slightly overwhelmed. The transition from university to job is tough.

Whether you are going travelling first, or heading straight into full-time work, this feeling of uncertainty and the unknown can be hard to deal with on occasions.

It is important to note that you are not alone in this feeling, and this is probably one of the biggest changes to your lifestyle that you will encounter.

You have gone from a full-time education, to finally being left to your own devices and to making it alone.

It is important to not let this feeling encompass every aspect of your life and take this new chapter in your life in stages.

How to plan the next steps

Planning everything down to its final details may not be in your character, but that may actually hinder and cause more stress if things don’t then go to plan.

However, having a small direction that you are headed in, whether this be getting a 9-5 so you can afford your travel plans, applying for graduate schemes to start building your career, or even going to live abroad to try something completely new can assist you greatly.

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Having a vague idea in your mind of where you want this next year to take you can really cause peace in your day-to-day activities. It will ease that transition from university to job and ease your anxiety.

Having an end goal of course can make it easier to get through the slightly more challenging times if you are in a stopgap job just to make the ends meet.

If you are someone who has wanted to jet off for a long time now, looking into visas and the availability that you have to be able to work in different countries, can be a great start to planning your next stages in your life.

Ask for Assistance

If you are at a complete loss on where to start planning your future, then there are companies that you can get in contact with to help.

These can try and hone in on your skills and place you in a certain field that will use your best qualities.

This will help you to plan your future with the assistance of people around you so you do not feel so alone in this decision. If you have the support of your friends and family, then talking about your next stages if you do start to feel overwhelmed is of extreme importance

They may be able to assist you in having a plan on where you wish to go in the next few months, and what you wish to do.

This can really help to decrease your anxiety and stress levels and start to think logically about where you want to be in your life and by when.

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