How To Fix 'tweet failed to send' Error And Some Hilarious Reactions

How To Fix 'tweet failed to send' Error Message And Some Hilarious Reactions

Jasmyne Jeffery January 24, 2023

Over the last day, Twitter users have complained that they have seen a Twitter error message telling them their tweet failed to send. Not only was the fact that apparently, their tweets weren’t sending annoying, but many actually had their tweet posted twice. Now, users are looking for how to delete their extra tweets and how to fix the Twitter error message.

Despite no word from CEO Elon Musk or the Twitter Help Centre, many users have been reporting issues with tweeting. When trying to post, users are left with a ‘tweet failed to send’ error message, without further explanation. What’s even more frustrating is that often the tweet has actually been sent; meaning they’ve posted twice and now need to know how to delete their tweet and fix the error message problem.

Tweet Failed To Send Twitter Error Message Frustrates Users

The message pops up for users when they are trying to post a tweet. Although it gives the option to either send it to drafts or retry, some are finding it is sending anyway.

Twitter’s latest issue reads:

“We’re sorry, we weren’t able to send your tweet. Would you like to retry or save this tweet to drafts?”

However, what’s funny to those who aren’t experiencing it, is what happens when they retry. Instead of acknowledging that the original tweet failed to send, Twitter is telling its users “Whoops! You already said that.” Understandably annoyed by the fiasco, the situation has given us some hilarious reactions.

Because the best thing to do when faced with conflict is to respond with memes.

She said, what she said! How dare Twitter mess around with our tweets like this.

Tommy definitely wouldn’t have stood for this.

Now, people want an explanation as to why they’ve been put through such a frustrating ordeal with the ‘tweet failed to send’ error message.

How To Delete A Tweet

If, because of the Twitter error message, you’ve accidentally posted twice or you just want to start all over again, then you’ll want to know how to delete a tweet. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple thing to do.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

Go to either your profile or your timeline and find the tweet or tweets you want to delete. On the post, select the three dots at the top; the first option will be in red. This will be your delete option and will have a rubbish bin or trash can icon with it. Select that, and Twitter will ask if you’re sure you want to delete it. Click ‘Delete’ once more and then the tweet is gone.

Once you or your followers refresh their timeline then your tweet will no longer appear. However, remember that nothing is ever truly gone on the internet. For the failed-to-send error message, this is an easy fix. But, for something a little more serious, it won’t get rid of it forever.

How To Fix Twitter Error Message

Though Twitter hasn’t confirmed there is an issue, there are still a few things you can try to help resolve the tweet failed to send error.

Twitter Help Centre says that trouble with tweeting could be down to an outdated version. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app or web browser to help send your tweets on their way.

Apart from this, it’s always worth clearing your Twitter cache or even re-installing the app. However, with so many experiencing the Twitter error message, it’s unlikely to be an issue on your end.

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