What Do The Twitter Verification Ticks Mean After New Gold version?
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What Do The Different Twitter Verification Ticks Mean After New Gold Version?

Jasmyne Jeffery December 13, 2022

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter there’s been a few questionable decisions made. One of the biggest changes has been to how the ticks work. Now, a new gold verification tick has been added, confusing users more. We take a look at what the gold and other Twitter verification ticks mean.

Within the last couple of days, Twitter has introduced a new kind of verification tick to differentiate between accounts further. A few weeks ago, Elon Musk established Twitter Blue, and those who subscribed got their own blue tick. Then there were all the different reasons a person can be verified, which is specified by clicking a user’s tick.

Now, there’s a new gold verification tick to add to the confusion.

What Does The Twitter Gold Verification Tick Mean?

The new gold, or yellow, tick is to separate ‘official businesses’ from other verified users. The exact words are “This account is verified because it’s an official business on Twitter.”

Accounts such as Space X, BBC and the Royal Family all have the gold tick, but some other businesses are still left with the blue. This could be because the new kind of verification is still rolling out, or what it counts as an ‘official business,’ is a little complicated.

The change comes as the social media giant relaunches Twitter Blue after suffering some serious initial teething issues. Mostly, giving everyone the same tick meant a lot of impersonation happened. And, whether it was hilarious or not, it did cause a fair bit of disruption and confusion.

What About Other Verification Ticks?

When Tweeting their plans for the future, Twitter also let users know about another new type of tick coming “later in the week”

The New Grey Tick

Twitter has said that government accounts will be getting a new kind of tick later this week.

This then means that users can differentiate between businesses and government officials. Long gone are the days of just a blue tick!

Speaking of, that’s something that is staying too. As well as all those subscribed to Twitter Blue, it seems that celebrities and other notable people will be keeping the famous blue tick. Currently, one of the reasons for a blue tick is having a “legacy” account, which essentially means they were verified before Elon took over. It doesn’t seem as if there are any plans to break it down further in the works.

To Simplify Things

We’re not surprised if you’re a little confused about it all, so here it is simply:

Gold Tick: Official businesses and brands

Grey Tick: Government and multilateral accounts

Blue Tick: Twitter Blue subscribers and legacy accounts.

Who knows if it will change again, but these are Twitter’s plans for the time being.

Twitter Reacts

As with any changes, Twitter users have some thoughts about what’s happening with some hilarious reactions.

Mostly, people are just a tad confused.

Some people think it’s all just a bit of a game.

At least we can’t deny that Elon is keeping us on our toes.

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