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How To Get A Spotify Pet Playlist

Zoe Kramer March 30, 2023

Have you ever wanted a playlist you and your pet could share together? Well, now you can generate one on Spotify to listen to with your dog, cat, bird, hamster, or even your iguana. While you might not think of animals as music lovers, many pet owners play music to help them relieve stress and to have company while they’re away. While some may be indifferent to it, others may engage and even show preferences. So why not give it a try? Here is how to get a Spotify pet playlist.

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What Is A Spotify Pet Playlist?

A Pet Playlist is a new feature Spotify has introduced. After taking a brief survey about your pet’s personality, the program will generate a custom playlist for them to enjoy. The playlist will also be aligned with your own music tastes based on your listening data, so it’s the perfect mix for the two of you to listen to together.

How To Get A Spotify Playlist For Your Pet

You won’t be able to access this feature from the app itself. Instead, head to From there, you can sign into your Spotify account to begin using the generator. Select which type of animal your pet is, and then answer the questions about their personality. You may be prompted to indicate whether your pet is relaxed or energetic, outgoing or shy, apathetic or curious. Then, you can add your pet’s name and photo. Then, the website will do its thing and you’ll be presented with a brand new playlist of jams to listen to with your animal pal. You can share this playlist with others and see what their pets’ playlists are like. Or, if you have more than one pet, you can go back and make as many other playlists as you like.

Other Fun Spotify Features To Try

Spotify has a bunch of other interesting features you may not know about. The crossfade feature, for example, eliminates the dead air between songs. This makes it perfect for DJing at parties. You can also try out Spotify Blend, which creates a playlist of music you have in common with a friend. Another way to connect with friends on Spotify is to launch a Group Session, which allows you to invite up to 5 people to listen to music in sync.

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