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Is Apple Music Classical Free As App Is Released Today?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 28, 2023

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Apple Music Classical is here. After announcing it was on its way earlier in the month, the app has been released today (March 28). We take you through all you need to know about the app, including if Apple Music Classical is free.

Lovers of classical music are in luck today as Apple‘s app dedicated to the genre has finally arrived. After the tech giant acquired Primephonic, a classical music app, last summer, it’s been a long time waiting to see what they were going to do with it. Some were worried that the music would just be incorporated into the standard Apple Music app. That would have meant scrolling through Bieber, Beyoncé and Baby Shark to find your Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

Luckily, it’s confirmed it’s a separate app for all those wanting the perfect study playlist for university.

Apple Music’s Classical App Is Here

Announced on March 9, Apple Music Classical has arrived today.

Offering more music than Primephonic, and in lossless audio, it’s clear Apple are branding their new app as the one to get for classical music with the “world’s largest catalogue.”

Unavailable on android and MacOS, the app is an iPhone exclusive with hundreds of ready-made playlists. Clearly not just for listening, the app comes with composer biographies as well as detailed guides on much of the music.

It’s not certain whether there will be a version for other Apple devices in the future. As the iPhone version is already a few months later than planned, one probably can’t be expected for a little while. For the time being, those with an iPhone running iOS 15.4 and later can access it.

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Is Apple Music Classical Free?

Apple Music is free to most who are already subscribed to a standard Apple Music account.

This includes those who have the following subscriptions:

  • Individual
  • Student
  • Family
  • One

Those who have an Apple Music Voice account do not get the Classical app for free.

Those with a student plan pay £5.99 a month, with the individual plan costing £10.99. A Family account is then £16.99 for accounts under the same household.

How To Get The App

Before today, the app was available to pre-order on the App store. Users could click to download the app in preparation for its release, meaning it would appear on their device as soon as it was available.

Now it’s actually here, those who want Apple Music Classical can just download it. Though some had issues with unwanted apps appearing on the store first, now it’s released that should be fixed.

As long as you already have a subscription, all you need to sign in and you can listen to your classical favourites! Use it to study, unwind or even just to enjoy, the app os great for university students who already use Apple.

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