How To Get Into Cambridge University: Grades And How To Apply
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How To Get Into Cambridge University: Grades And How To Apply

Jasmyne Jeffery December 25, 2022

It’s a university that all of us have heard of but only very few actually attend. If you want to get into one of the top universities in the world, it’s not going to be easy. Here’s how to get into Cambridge University, how to apply and what grades you’ll need.

An aspiration that lots of students have is to get into Cambridge University. It ranks as one of the best in the world and looks amazing on a CV. However, actually getting into the prestigious university is another question. We have some advice on how to make those dreams come true and what you may need to get there.

How To Get Into Cambridge University

The Profs give the following tips on how to get into the top university. Firstly, make sure you have checked the requirements for your specific courses. What is needed will change depending on the course, so know your preferred degree inside and out. For example, it isn’t just about grades and you will probably have to interview, or even complete something practical if your degree requires it.

Even if not all your A-levels are connected to what you will study, they are all still important. Cambridge likes to see Maths and it will give you an advantage on a whole range of courses from Psychology to Business. However, if you want to study medicine there, you must have Chemistry and one or more of Biology, Physics or Maths. Medicine is one of their most competitive courses, so best of luck if that’s what you want to study!

You have to think long-term. Deciding to study at Cambridge cannot be done on a whim. Often, the university looks at your previous academic achievements like your GCSE results as well. It isn’t typical for universities to do this, so you need to have been on your academic A-game throughout your schooling career.

Your ambition must come through in your personal statement. You have to be clear about your intentions and achievements in your personal statement as that is the university’s chance to see you beyond your results. You really want to wow them and make your application irresistible. So show ambition, drive and determination so that they know you will succeed.

Lastly, all Oxbridge applicants are required to take the admissions test. The specific one you take will depend on what course you plan on taking and are usually pre-interview. The test will measure how suited you are to your course, your academic skill and your writing ability. The results of this will affect your application. If you know people who have done the test or sat the interview then get a list of questions ready for them. The worst thing you can do is to go in completely unprepared. Do your research for both the admissions test and your interview.

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How To Apply For Cambridge University

Details of how to apply for any degree at the university can be found on the Cambridge website.

  1. Choose Your Course: This has to be something you are interested in and are prepared to study at a high academic level for several years. Check that you can meet the entry requirements.
  2. Check Assessment Requirements: Know what you must do to give yourself the best chance of getting on your course. This will usually be at least the admissions test and an interview.
  3. Decide On Your College: This is where you will be staying for the duration of your course and will have a direct impact on your enjoyment. You’ll want to pick one that appeals to you whilst also thinking practically about your course. This will be decided through your UCAS application.
  4. Submit Your Application: For the next academic year (23/24) this must be done by 6 pm on October 15 2023. Know that you cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year and you may have to submit an academic transcript. This will be done via your UCAS application.

If the university believes you have a good chance of being offered a place then you will be offered an interview. Decisions will then be made and delivered by the end of January.

What Grades Do You Need For Cambridge University?

The specific grades required will be dependent on your course, however, The Complete University Guide says that the university gives conditional offers to those with grades between A* A* A* and A A A.

Its science courses, including medicine, typically require A*A*A grades, with its arts courses looking for A*AA.

Of course, the grades needed for getting into Cambridge were going to be high. That is because you will be receiving a world-class education. Getting into the university is very competitive, so the grades required also need to be high.

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