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How To Get To Know Your University Flatmates

Francesca Herring September 23, 2022

Some of the most important people you will meet during your time at university are your flatmates from first year. They are the first people you lived with, after all! Whether you love them or don’t really know them, they’re an important part of your first year at uni. You might be a bit stuck on how to get to know them though. So, here are some tips.

Arrange a trip with your flatmates

If you’re all from different places, why not plan a trip around your new city? Not only is it a great way to better explore your new home. It’s also a great way to get to know your flatmates. You’ll get to find out what their own homes are like in comparison to university. 

If you are all venturing out on a trip to the shops, you can get to know your flatmates over a coffee. Sometimes what you need is to get out of the four walls of your flat and get some new air. If anyone is feeling particularly anxious or nervous, getting together over a coffee could be quite comforting.

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Plan a food shop

It may sound silly, but it’s one of the best bonding experiences at uni. Going on a food shop for the first time at university can be scary. The power is now in your hands, not your parents’. If you’re stuck on what to buy, the guide of a flatmate could really help! You can also begin to learn everyone’s favourite food or what they like to cook. This is a great segue way into planning a night to cook for one another. You could even do your own Come Dine With Me: Flatmates Edition!

Play some board games

This may sound like a tip from the 80s, but it’s a great one. Trust me. Between the arguments over which board game is the best, you can all have some easy fun together. Learning who is the most competitive flat mate, who’s the flatmate to watch out for during Uno… what could sound better? You can let off some steam together and relax in your flat.

There are plenty of ways to get to know flatmates. Not everybody has a great experience with theirs. But, as long as you support each other through this ride, it will be okay.  

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