It’s a way to show your love for a video, but maybe you don’t want your followers to know about it. Here’s how to hide TikTok reposts in 2023.

The button has been around for a little while, another way of engaging with your favourite videos and content creators. However, you may want to keep your TikTok reposts private. Luckily, there’s a way to do just that.

What Are TikTok Reposts?

Similar to a retweet on Twitter, reposting a TikTok video shares it for your followers to see but won’t put it on main your profile page. Instead, there’s now a separate tab for all your reposts, highlighted by the arrow symbol.

To repost, you just tap the share button with two arrows and then confirm your decision to repost. The creator will then be notified of the action, increasing their engagement. And for you, your friends will get to see your great taste in funny content without having to make any videos yourself.

The feature has been around since 2021 and users of the social media app have been making the most of it since then.

However, automatically the reposts feature is set to public, meaning your followers will always see what you share.

How To Hide TikTok Reposts In 2023

If you just want to support your top creators and not have their videos appear to your followers, then you can amend your TikTok repost settings.

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  • If you only want to hide TikTok reposts from one person in particular, then unfortunately your only option is to block them. By doing this, they can’t interact with any of your content, your profile or message you. You can do this by heading to their profile.

    You can also set it so that your reposts can only be seen by your friends. Whatever option you would rather have, you can check what’s currently happening by going to the reposts tab on your profile.

    A heads up that both repost and recommend, although different options, essentially mean the same thing on the app. If you recommend a video, then it will just repost it to your followers.

    You Can Undo A TikTok Repost

    If you’ve accidentally reposted the wrong viral video or changed your mind on how much you liked it, then you can undo a TikTok repost as well.

    This is easier if you have just made the mistake, but it can be done on older videos as well.

    All you need to do is find the video in your reposts tab that you want to undo. Click the share button once again. As you have already reposted it, you’ll now be given the option to ‘remove repost’. Just confirm the decision when the pop-up appears. Then, it will be removed, hopefully before any of your followers saw it!

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