How To Improve Your YouTube Recommended
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How To Improve Your YouTube Recommended

Zoe Kramer December 27, 2022

Are you getting recommended a lot of videos that you’re not interested in watching? Did you click on one video about a topic once and now YouTube thinks that’s all you’re interested in? Is your front page just feeling a little bit stale? You’re not the only one. The YouTube algorithm can feel like mysterious wizardry that changes at the drop of a hat. But while it has its flaws, it is ultimately designed to show you videos that you want to watch. With these tips, here’s how to improve your YouTube Recommended.

Selectively Delete Your History

If you’ve watched any videos that you didn’t enjoy, or simply don’t want to be recommended something similar, you can delete them from your watch history. This will allow your recommendations to be based only on the remaining videos in your history. It’s a simple way to curate your feed that doesn’t require too much hassle.

Use The Not Interested Feature

If something pops up on your home page that you don’t want to watch, select the three dots to the side of the thumbnail and select ‘Not Interested.’ This will let the algorithm know that you don’t want to be recommended videos like that in the future. If there’s a specific channel that you don’t want to see content from, you also have the option to select the ‘Don’t Recommend Channel’ button.

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Use The Dislike Button

Some YouTube users may not be in the habit of using the dislike button when they don’t enjoy the video, but it can be a useful habit to build. This is another factor that the algorithm will take into consideration when it’s curating your feed.

Use More Than One Account

If these methods aren’t working and your recommended is still not working for you, it may be worth considering a second account. The algorithm works by sorting videos into categories, and then assigning viewers those categories based on what they watch. However, most users fall into more than one category, which means the algorithm will often assume you fall into the overlap spaces between your categories, even if you don’t. Separating your categories into different accounts — for example, an account where you watch commentary videos and an account where you listen to music — can eliminate this problem.

Get Your Recommendations From A Third Party

Finally, if you’re having no luck using YouTube’s recommendations, you can try getting your recommendations from a different source. You can look up a category of video on other social media platforms and see what other people are watching, and then return to YouTube to search up those videos. It’s definitely more effort, but it’s a good way to discover new things.

That’s how to improve YouTube Recommended and, hopefully, give you the best possible experience of the service.

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