How To Make A Slideshow On TikTok
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How To Make A Slideshow On TikTok

Zoe Kramer November 15, 2022

Even though the app was built around 15-second video clips, the slideshow feature has become one of the most popular tools on TikTok lately. In a time where Instagram has fully committed to their reels feature in an effort to compete with TikTok, it’s somewhat ironic that TikTok is now embracing what Instagram has always been known for — the photo swipe. But this feature has seen quite a bit of success on the app. There’s plenty of things you can do with it, from the viral day in the life trend to the teenage dirtbag trend to meme dumps to simply sharing photos.

Add 35 photos to TikTok slideshow

One way of making a slideshow is to go to the record video page by selecting the plus icon, hit the ‘upload’ button at the bottom right corner of your screen, switch from the ‘videos’ to the ‘image’ setting, and choose the photos you want to display. You can add up to 35 photos using this method. Select them in the order you want them to be presented in the slideshow, and then hit next. After that, you can add audio, stickers and other effects as you wish.

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TikTok slideshow effect

Another easy way to create a slideshow is to use the slideshow effect. Go to the record video page, hit the effects icon, and a search bar will pop up. If you type ‘slideshow’ into the search bar, an effect will appear. Select this effect, and then it will ask you to select several photos. Once you do this, you can hit the ‘done’ button. Next, choose the timer and select either ‘3s’ or ’10s’. With this feature, you can tap through your photos in sync with music or at whatever pace you like, and then you’re done!

Or use a template

You can also make a slideshow with a template, if you’d like. Go to the record video page and then toggle from camera to templates at the bottom. Swipe through the templates until you find one you want to use, and then hit the ‘select photos’ button. Choose the photos you want to include in the slideshow, bearing in mind that different templates have different capacities in terms of the number of photos they allow. Once you’ve chosen your photos, hit ‘OK.’ You can then add audio, text, or anything else you want to enhance your slideshow with, and then you can post it.

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