How To Maximise The Space In Your Small University Room
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How To Maximise The Space In Your Small University Room

Molly Raby March 19, 2023

University rooms are usually very, very small. This is just something that we have to deal with, but it can be hard to move into such a small space and still make it feel like a home away from home. Here are some small ways that you can maximise the already small space that you have and make your room feel just that bit bigger.


We tend to forget that our walls are also free space waiting to be used. Some landlords don’t allow blu-tac on their walls or allow you to create new holes for frames, so one way to get around this is by using hanging strips. This will allow you to hang up pictures, posters and tapestries, making your room feel more like you.

Also, if you can get a corkboard up, you can use pins and paperclips to hold up more of your stuff such as papers, lanyards, keys. This will leave more room on your desk for actual work things.

Use All Your Space

Being conscious of the space you have means that you can use it better. For example, you can roll your socks and underwear up, who cares if they are creased? This will give you more space in your drawers than if they were just sprawled out in a messy way.

Other ignored space could be under your bed, down the side of your wardrobe or even in your bathroom (if you have one). You can shove things under your bed and down the side of your wardrobe and hang shampoo or soap from the clips on your shower curtain.

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Double Hang Clothes

If you have a small university room, you probably have tiny wardrobe or limited clothes area and this can become an issue. Students have a lot of clothes, from class casual to night out glam, staying in bed chic and business casual you probably have way too many clothes to fit.

One way to help with this is by double hanging your clothes. You can do this by buying double hangers that can fit more than one item. Or you can simply layer clothes on one hanger. If you always wear one jumper with this top, just keep them together on one hanger.  

Tidy Up!

As simple as it sounds, make sure to keep your room clean and tidy. If you have made a specific place for your coat and shoes, make sure you put them there. Little things like this, when not followed can cause your room to get untidy very quickly which will lessen your space.

The same principal goes for pens, pencils, books, etc on your desk. If you leave your desk untidy, it will look less appealing to you and allow you to ignore work. It also makes your room look smaller than it actually is, as you are erasing a whole area.

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