Tips To Become A More Independent Student
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Tips To Become A More Independent Student

Molly Raby March 12, 2023

University is usually the first time most students will have lived alone. This can be a daunting reality, as you have to become an ‘adult’ and make all the decisions. From deciphering bills to choosing what’s for dinner, it can be hard to adjust, so here are some tips that you can follow in order to make the shift easier. We will help you become a more independent student in no time.


Many students will not have had to cook for themselves to the degree that they will have to at university. This can be a scary thought, especially if it’s your first time living alone, but it need not be. Practice makes perfect, so maybe a few weeks before you move, spend some time practising making some simple but tasty meals.

If you are starting as a real novice, why not invest in a cookbook filled with simple and easy recipes. You can then find your favourites and follow along.

Learning how to cook for yourself is also developing your skill set, which is always a positive. You’ll be the next Jamie Oliver in no time.

Home Away From Home

Homesickness is almost an inevitability when you move away. It can make you want to go back home, where you feel safer and taken care of. But, pushing through this and coming out the other end will help you become a much stronger and more independent student; letting you know that you can survive on your own.

One way to combat this is by making your bedroom, a home away from home. This can include putting up photos of your friends and family, bringing posters from your home bedroom, and maybe bringing a pillow or bed set with you. These things will remind you of home, without having to actually go back.

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Living in a new city can be overwhelming so be sure to take time to figure out your surroundings. Go on a walk and just explore what is out there. This will give you peace of mind, as you will know more about the place where you live. Being confident in your surroundings will also help you become a more independent student.

It will also allow you to scout out the best (and cheapest) stores that are close to you, for your food shops.

You can also be on the hunt for pubs, clubs, cafes, gardens and entertainment venues. Then, if you decide you want a nice stroll in the park, or you need a good coffee fix, you know exactly where to go.

Strong Mindset

One of the best ways to move into independence is to shift your mindset. Of course, your parents are only a phone call away and maybe even a short train journey away. But, if you tell yourself that you can handle things on your own, you will become more independent much quicker.

Shifting your mindset can work for homesickness, making a work or study schedule and even your sleep regiment. If you tell yourself that this is your schedule and there is no alternative, then, over time, you will start to believe yourself.

However, if you allow yourself to think that you can sleep in or skip lessons, then you will inevitably choose the easier option. But as we know, the easy way isn’t always the best way.

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