How To Pause Your Streaks On Snapchat
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How To Pause Your Streaks On Snapchat

Zoe Kramer March 8, 2023

Streaks are important for many Snapchat users. They are a way of keeping up with friends every day and building towards new milestones. A streak is built up by two users snapping back and forth every day, for a consecutive number of days. If a day is missed, however, the streak is gone and the users will have to start back from the beginning. As a result, losing a streak can be hugely disappointing. Luckily, Snapchat has now introduced a way to pause streaks so users don’t lose their progress.

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How Does The Pause Feature Work

The pause option is great news for users who have built up streaks, especially those with streaks in the hundreds of days. However, it is not possible to pause streaks whenever you like. Currently, the limit is one pause per user as the feature is initially rolled out and tested. In the future, however, users will be able to purchase additional pauses for 99 cents apiece. So if you’re ever in a pickle where you can’t keep up a streak, you can always pay to keep it going without sending a snap. Snapchat+ users will also be able to freeze streaks in the future, putting them on hold for an extended period of time.

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How To Pause Your Streak

Pausing your streak on Snapchat is quite simple. With the spark and restore feature, when a streak has gone cold, you will receive a notification the next time you log onto the app. You will then be able to choose whether you want to use your pause now, or save it for another time.

What Else Is New On Snapchat?

Snapchat also has a number of other new features and updates you can try out. One of these is MyAI, an AI chatbot available to Snapchat+ users. To try out MyAI, you can pull up its profile and add it as a friend. It can then answer a range of questions you may have, such as how to make a certain dish, the best places to travel, or trivia. It can even carry out creative tasks like writing. It can also help you out with Snapchat specific queries, such as writing a bio or a caption for your story. Not only is the chatbot useful, but it’s also pretty entertaining, too.

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