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How To Stay In Touch With Uni Friends Long-Distance

Zoe Kramer May 23, 2023

University can be a great time for meeting friends. Whether the people you hang out with are from a society you attend together, from extracurriculars, flatmates, or coursemates, there are plenty of ways to find your people. However, sometimes circumstances mean that you can’t be in the same proximity anymore. At the end of term, you may be parting ways to go home for the summer. Or, if you’ve graduated, you may be moving for job opportunities or other reasons. Luckily, these changes don’t mean that you can’t stay friends. Here is how to stay in touch with uni friends long-distance.

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Play Online Games

One of the easiest ways to hang out with a friend who’s living apart from you is to play games together online. Even if gaming isn’t your thing, there are plenty of options that don’t require any skills or experience. You can opt for a pandemic classic like Among Us or party games like Jackbox.

Travel Together

Being friends long-distance can be a great excuse to do some traveling. You can visit one another, meet somewhere equidistant, or go somewhere entirely different. This is a great way to reconnect and make new memories together.

Start A Book Club

Another option is to start a book club together. Take turns choosing books for everyone to read, and then reconvene either in person or online to discuss. It’s a time commitment for sure, but totally worth it.

Share Custody Of Something

You can also go for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants method for keeping up with your uni friends long-distance. You could share an article of clothing and take turns posting it to one another, or trade custody of some other object that you’ve grown accustomed to. Just be sure to include updates on all the stories that have happened to it and where it’s gone.

Be Pen Pals

Another method for how to stay in touch with your uni friends long-distance is to go with the old-fashioned method of writing letters. Sure, letters have technically been rendered obsolete by email and text messages, but there’s a personal touch that can’t be replaced.

Or Just Call

You don’t necessarily have to do something fancy to stay in touch. Sometime, a call or Facetime is just the perfect thing. Even just a simple text like “Thinking of you” can go a long way.

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