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What Is Slow Living And How Can You Incorporate It Into Your Life?

Molly Raby May 21, 2023

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The world passes us by at such a fast pace nowadays that you can blink and have missed a whole year. Due to this, many people have taken up ‘slow living’. This way of living has risen in popularity in the past decade and is becoming even more popular through apps such as TikTok which show people the effects of living this way.

What Is Slow Living?

Slow living sees people living a slower life through being more mindful and appreciative of what they have, as well as what is around them. Some people have labelled slow living as creating more self-care time in your daily routines.

There has been a spike in people adopting the slow living lifestyle in the past decade or so. However, this is not surprising considering how quickly everything happens in our society, with the rise of social media and further advances in technology.

It can be hard to separate yourself from social media persona and your actual life, your work life and personal life and many other things which were much easier to keep separate even just twenty years ago. This is another reason why people have taken to using the slow living approach, as it helps keep you grounded in the here and now.

How Can You Start Slow Living?

There are many ways that you can begin introducing slow living into your life, so here are a few of that you can try for yourself.

Mindful Eating

When you have meals, take some time to appreciate what you have. Instead of scrolling on your phone, or watching TV, really savour your meal.

Doing this will allow you to take in the flavour and textures of your food much more. Being more present and thankful for your meals is only a positive.

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Create Art

When you have spare time, maybe a free class slot, time after the workday is finished or time at the end of the day, make good use of it. This time is crucial in slow living as what you do with this time can add or take away from your daily stresses.

If you take this time to be creative, you will find that you are much calmer and rational than if you allow yourself to be sucked in by social media or TV for another hour or two. Creativity can come in many forms, and this looks different to everyone. From writing poetry to painting, dancing to drawing, make sure to spend time doing what you love.

Go Out In Nature

Being out in nature is another great way to slow down the pace of your day. This will allow you to stay grounded and gives you time to think about things that may have been floating in your mind for a while.

When you are online or watching TV, your mind is always staying active and being given new information. You need to take time away to allow your mind to rest and think for itself.

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